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10 January 2016

Here I present to you, the perfect subscription for the borderline sadistic (in a good way). If you're anything like me, you love anything that sets your taste buds on fire, and usually - the hotter the better right? This monthly subscription box by Lick My Dip is just £12.49 a month and boy is it packed with treats. 

Neatly packed into this little box was a large bag of pork scratchings, wasabi rub, hot sauce and a bottle of ginger beer to wash it all down with. The Japanese wasabi and lime spice rub, I actually used as light seasoning, it comes in a medium sealed bag and a little goes a long way. This goes really well on relatively anything, meat, chips, fish... Now, I love pork scratchings but had never tried a spicy take of the British classic before. Hilariously named 'Cajun Bum Bandit', these were very hot to begin with but you soon become accustomed to the heat pretty soon. If you like your spice but don't necessarily feel like having a bucket of cold water on stand-by to pour on yourself - this is for you. The Maverick however, is best consumed in droplets, yes droplets. Because if you pour a whole lot on your plate (like I did), your life will literally flash past your eyes and you'll consequently feel like your home is on fire, let alone your face. This is enjoyable almost to the level of being a mild recreational drug (I would assume). The Pimento ginger beer, was consumed by an ex of mine as I don't drink ginger beer. While I can't say how it tasted, I can definitely say that I hope he choked on it. Just kidding...but kind of not.

As you can see, I tried these products with cooked meals (by cooked, I mean a cremated BBQ and what I had left in my kitchen). The pork scratchings are great to snack on by the TV or in addition to a BBQ and the Maverick as I discovered is best served with water and a side of insanity, not fish. Accompanying these treats were the standard info cards (I love that there are only one or two, not a hundred) and a neat little Lick My Dip sticker which I'm sure many of you would love to stick on your Apple Macbook.

I absolutely loved this box, I feel so grateful to have received this box and I love the concept of having subscription boxes cater for individual passions and tastes. This box would be an absolute treat during the Summer time. 

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