Don't Get Your Knickers In A Twist

11 January 2016

Isn't this thong just beautiful? It screams fun but sexy; exciting yet luxurious. The wonderful Lynn-Marie contacted me from Lacy Box which is a monthly subscription service that delivers quality lingerie for all specific needs. All of Lacy Box's knickers are sourced from European designers and are hand-packaged. This stunning pair is by the high-end brand Mimi Holliday, of whom I love. I have their Cheeky Minx bra and thong set and it's my lingerie pride and joy, as is this.

I adore the quality of this; for a girl to find well made underwear is rare. I would compare the feeling to be similar of that who first discovered Tutankhamun's tomb. I work in the Fashion industry now, previously working in Buying and more specifically in the lingerie sector and I can tell you that this has been made with the utmost professionalism. No loose threads and invisible seams as far as the eye can see.

Lacy Box offer two box; Lacy Box Essentials and Lacy Box Luxe. Lacy Box Essentials is pretty self-explanatory, the box offers 2 pairs of beautifully made knickers a month and Lacy Box Luxe endeavours to deliver 1 pair of truly exquisite knickers. Within these two options, Lacy Box have 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions where you can choose thongs only, no thongs or a mix. You can also opt to just buy 1 box individually, which is perfect for those who want to sample the service or those who want to gift a box.

I am so very grateful for this service; what seemed to be a very trivial package was actually a wake up call. I had picked this parcel up on a day I was meant to be at work, I am very rarely ill but I was unwell with exhaustion and a multitude of illnesses that had be plaguing me all year, especially psychological. I was sat in a car park in my car, sobbing with a friend when I opened this and while it may not have proved to be the solution to my problems, it lifted me out of a dark hole even if it was only for a little while. I think investing in good underwear is important to build self-esteem and to feel confident and sexy when you might feel like you're crying inside. When I was looking for work, I used to wear the best underwear and the best clothes to an interview, because if I ever felt like it didn't go well - I always felt my best, and most confident self. And that, is truly invaluable. 

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