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3 January 2016

24Tees approached me not long ago to review their brand new t-shirt subscription box. 24Tees let's you pick two high quality tees from a choice of four, to be delivered to your door every month. It comes in a very sturdy black box and the t-shirt comes wrapped in tissue paper, the highest standard packaging for the highest standard products, which these definitely are. These t-shirts are far superior in quality than what you'd find in store, and they're very soft to the touch. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. 

The two designs I chose were the Geometric Pug (because I love anything geometric right now) and Watcher designs. All artwork is created in-house which make it all the more desirable as you won't find these prints elsewhere. They come in separate mens and ladies sizing which ensures a good fit. Niall at 24Tees told me "We think Unisex tees just don't offer the same fit."

I am very pleased with these t-shirts, they fit perfectly, are comfortable and of the highest quality. You're also supporting the in-house artists over at 24Tees and definitely creating a conversation starter wearing one of these pieces. Subscribe over at their website and visit their Facebook page too to see more of their designs.

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