Australian Valentine's Swap

17 February 2013

This month, I was lucky enough to participate in a Valentine's Swap hosted by the lovely Jasmine of Sweetaholic Beauty. I was paired with Kristen of Canvasbag Kris who is an Australian blogger from Melbourne. Coincidentally, I was booked on a holiday to Melbourne at the time so I posted her gift in the most adorable packaging bought from Typo when I was on holiday. I received my swap from Kristen when I arrived home and was beyond pleased with what I had received as I hadn't successfully found any Australian-only products while away. What I loved about the swap with Kristen is that all my products came in a box, so it felt almost like a subscription box, but better as it had a lot more products.

Skincare first, we have a revitalising facial scrub by Sukin which is an Australian natural skincare brand. What's interesting about this scrub is that it has ground walnut in which acts as the exfoliant. I have a sample of Aveeno lotion which will be great for travelling, I love collecting samples for when I travel so this is a great addition. Next up are three mud face masks by Formula 10.0.6. I love face masks as I use them for Facial Fridays (don't laugh). I received an oil-absorbing sea kelp and calendula mask called No Time To Shine, an ultra-cleansing orange and bergamot mask called Deep Down Detox and a skin-cleansing strawberry and yarrow mask called Pores Be Pure. Lastly, a much desired Maybelline Baby Lips. I have this tint already as I went crazy in Target while I was in Melbourne and bought several, but I will definitely have use for this extra one I received as I love these lip balms and although less innovative, they have proven to be a lot better than the EOS lip balms I've tried and are much less bulky.

I received some amazing cosmetics from Kristen that include a blush from the Australian brand, Australis in the colour Glamour which is a peach with gold shimmer (which I hear is what NARS Orgasm is) and a massage therapy lip gloss in Torquay and a lip definer in Tender Berry, both by Face of Australia. I'm not a big lip gloss person but I love that it's a mineral lip gloss geared towards massaging and nourishing the lips, plus it smells divine. I'm glad I received the lip liner in the colour I was sent as I'd been looking for a darker red liner to help stop my darker lipsticks bleeding and to help outline the lips more accurately than my nude liner. The last beauty product I received was a set of nail strips by Chi Chi which is another Australian brand. I've never tried nail stickers before and have been dying to try them. Before my holiday, I had bought some from Primark but after doing some research, it turned out that they only lasted a day so I returned them. I love that Kristen sent me these in the Australian flag print and I'm thinking of saving these for Australia Day or if I ever return to Australia for a holiday or for permanent residency (been considering this for a while now!) 

Lastly, I received some lovely extras. I received a set of two metallic purple make-up bags from Modella which has a lovely textured flocked zebra pattern. I also received some small silver bow earrings by Diva which you may recognise as the jewellery brand used by Miss Selfridge here in the UK and a nail file by Manicare which I have been desperately needing as I ruined my previous nail file with nail polish which is impossible to remove due to the texture of the nail file.

All in all, I am beyond pleased with my swap with the lovely Kristen and would urge you all to read her blog and follow her on Twitter. I hope to do more swaps with international bloggers in the future as I really enjoy discovering non-UK products. I feel that by trying out international products, I get to explore the world without having to leave my home. I am able to discover what products work for people all around the world and why, like whitening products in Asia and skincare in Australia and it helps me understand different cultures a lot more, which I find truly fascinating. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Kristen for sending such an amazing box of goodies to me, so thank you!

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  1. You're welcome! Let me know how facial Friday goes this week :)


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