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26 January 2013

Every now and then, I will purchase make-up online. More specifically, Asian cosmetics. I have been a huge fan of Asian cosmetics for years, beginning my collection during University with Etude House and still remaining a loyal customer today. One thing to note is that although the majority of Asian cosmetics are presented in the most beautiful packaging, it's important not to let it be the sole reason of purchase, as I mistakenly did in my University years. I ended up wasting a huge amount of money on make-up that wasn't being used. Now I have to say, the thing that drew me to these products initially were their packaging but after doing careful research as well, I decided that it was worth it to buy a couple things and my my was I right! Although the packaging and bullet itself barely mimics that of the Paul & Joe Cat Collection, it does form some kind of a resemblance in that they are probably the only other cosmetics brand that make cat-themed cosmetics. I'd heard of TonyMoly before, reading rave reviews about their skincare especially but had yet to bite the bullet and try them out until recently and I'm glad I did.

I own two of the Catchu Lipsticks, as I was sent a replacement free of charge to replace a faulty lipstick sent to me before, therefore meaning I only paid for the one - which is fantastic customer service if you ask me. Unlike the awkwardly ridonculous cat-shaped lipsticks by Paul & Joe, the bullets are the standard bullets which make applying the lipstick a lot easier than those of Paul & Joe.

The finish is very similar to the Revlon Lip Butters but less moisturising; they're definitely more of the lipstick variety than the lip balm variety. They're extremely glossy, yet do not possess the slightly sticky finish of the Lip Butters. With only 7 shades available, some may say that it leaves the customer with very little choice which I would have to agree with as the range mainly offer colours in shades of pink. There are no nudes in this range which I feel alienates nude lip lovers and those of a younger generation who are not allowed brightly coloured lips in school.

Also, I've noticed that the #01 Peach Vanilla lipstick is slightly reminiscent of the peachy-pink lipstick used by Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's but with a more sheer and glossy finish than a matte one. If anyone is curious, Pink In The Afternoon by Revlon is said to be the dupe for this particular lipstick and the name itself is an Audrey Hepburn reference to film, Love In The Afternoon. However, although it may be a dupe for the real-life lipstick used in the film, I disagree that it's a dupe for the lipstick colour shown on screen which is more peach than Pink In The Afternoon is.

The lipsticks are unscented much to many people's preference but unlike most, I like my lip products to have a fruity scent. It sort of tricks my mind into thinking I'm putting lip balm on and not lipstick. Now as these products are Korean and therefore the labels are in Korean, I cannot tell you what's inside these lipsticks, whether they have shea butter or natural extracts, I cannot say sadly.

My favourite of the two products though, has to be the Cats Wink mascara. Before this, I had been using the Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl mascara and then the Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl mascara (what a mouthful!) but I found that the packaging for these mascaras were very cheap, too cheap in fact and in many cases, the screw neck that housed the product restricter would snap off, meaning my brush would be covered in thick mascara all the time. Thinking it was just a one off, I bought more and the same kept happening again. So I moved onto the Long & Curl version which had fibres that stung my eyes and the dryness of it meant it would dry out a lot quicker than most mascaras, even when I added eye make-up remover to the tube. 

I was very sceptical about the Cats Wink mascara by TonyMoly as the last thin-brushed mascara I used was disappointing but upon using this, I can safely say that it won my heart. The small brush makes for accurate mascara application and the tip of the brush can be used to apply mascara to the outer lashes. I have very sparse eyelashes that are poker straight and although the formulation of this product is a lot wetter than I'd normally choose, it's fantastic for holding a curl. The only downside is that as you can see in the photo, it clumps quite easily, but so long as you have a eyelash comb, this shouldn't be too much of an issue. 

All of these products were obtained via eBay as TonyMoly and most Asian brands are not available here in the UK and were also all incredibly affordable with the lipsticks priced at around £5 and the mascara at £6, with the added bonus of free placements if any issues were to arise AND free shipping on most items. I would definitely repurchase the mascara again, it's by far the best performing mascara I've used so far.


  1. They are SO CUTE!! It's a shame we only have a limited range of tony moly here :(
    I've never tried using small mascara brushes but I'll definitely start looking mascaras with smaller wands, your lashes looks amazing!

  2. The Peach Vanilla is such a nice color! Been wanting to get that lipstick because I've read a lot of good reviews but I can't really purchase anything right now because I'm on a make up ban. lol

  3. I agree that Pink in the Afternoon is not that same shade! I am still looking for that "perfect shade"


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