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18 February 2013

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Glorious Treats is a bakery blog full of delicious recipes and tutorials. The fresh layout and high quality images make for the easy replication of recipes. Treats like these are always good for the heart and soul, especially in the world of food as we can all fall into a boring rut of dieting far too easily and often forget that we deserve to enjoy our food too.

WTF1 is an alternative Formula 1 blog that boasts a humorous and easy-to-read commentary of Formula 1 seasons. When the calendar has ended, WTF1 entertains us with posts such as motorsport Harlem Shake, overly attached Schumacher and photoshopped Webber, and a good laugh is always good to boost your mood.

Lux Life lives the life I only dream to have. She writes about beauty, events, food and much more. Her blog is easy to follow and is packed full of wonderful photos. Having lived in Australia as well as the UK, reading her blog gives me an incentive to move to a bigger city and explore the world.

Eat Drink Chic is the blog I turn to for free printables and inspiration. I'm a huge lover of stationary and clean lines. The blog screams Pinterest which is why it always excites me to see a new post by her. Sometimes it's the little things that make us feel all the more humble, and by appreciating the little things - we learn to appreciate the bigger things in life too.

A Matter of Style is one of the many fashion DIY blogs I enjoy following. A Matter of Style covers high fashion DIYs as well as high street fashion DIYs. Being a fond fashion DIYer, I understand that with some elbow grease and materials - fabulous fashion replicas can be made at a fraction of the retail price. It's a great way to perfect useful skills as well as being pocket-friendly.

Another blog is a pair & a spare who is now the proud owner of her own book. Geneva has featured in numerous publications, only spotting her just the other week in a magazine I purchased in Australia. Geneva is very much influenced by high fashion, she creates easy to follow DIY tutorials, some I plan on replicating in the near future.

Trash To Couture is a DIY godess with looks to boot. She focuses on thift and vintage DIYs giving a new lease of life to old clothes. She has transformed numerous dull pieces of attire into beautiful new party dresses, she is simply a genius. Recycling is a fantastic way to minimise waste and reduce carbon footprint, and upcycling (the DIYing of used clothing) is a great way to recycle and save money.

While you may need to venture out to buy materials for the DIY projects posted on the previous DIY blogs, Carbon Couture allows for DIY to be easily done using bits and bobs found around the home. Using yellow dishcloths to make Eugena Kim style Tromp L'Oeil headbands, jump cords to make Marc Jacobs style cornelli accessories and replacement sequins and beads that come with new clothes to make Miu Miu style embellished hoisery, there is sure to be a project for you. This is a fantastic and creative way to de-clutter your home.

Dina's Thoughts always inspires me to go to more car boots and save more money (which I already love doing!) Her clean-looking blog is full of useful information but not packed too much with text. She has her own vintage stall and the fluffiest Pom I've ever seen! Recently married, Dina is a delightful blogger and her blog is always a pleasure to read.

London Grumblr is always great to read. It documents everyday London life in animated gif format. It's fun to read regardless of where you reside so long as you have been to London or know what London is like. The preview above really doesn't do the blog any justice as its humour is based on the gif aspect alone so head on over and have a hearty chuckle.

Last but not least, How Does It Feel To... I love this blog as it's the type of blog I aim to achieve with my own. Much like other blogs, it covers a range of topics from beauty to food but with a profound twist. This is precisely how I want my blog to turn out, as although materials play a significant part of every day life, sometimes we need to be reminded of the true meaning of life and what is really important to us.

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  1. Aw thanks so much for the mention! This has made my day! So glad you enjoy my wee blog! And you have to move to London at some point - despite my daily grumbles, it's awesome :)
    C x

    Lux Life Blog

    1. No worries, I love seeing new posts by you. I'm looking to move to London someday soon before jetting off abroad to live. I love London, was just down there for LFW on Thursday for Valentine's!

  2. thanks for including me Darling! :D

  3. thank you for the sweet shoutout, means a lot to know that you enjoy my blog :)
    also loving your recommendations here, especially "how does it feel to..." blog, thanks for sharing!

    rachel x

  4. Thank you so much for including me. I am really touched and am glad someone likes my blog, especially after my hiatus. Thank you again xxxxxxx


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