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23 February 2017

I am an advocate for solo vacations, or as we call them here in the UK - holidays. I've always loved travelling alone; I feel as though it leaves you more room for open mindedness and adventure. Don't get me wrong, I love travelling with friends. But the more friends you have on holiday with you, the more conflicting interests you have. I have been so lucky in the sense that I have been on many solo expeditions and have always come out richer from these experiences. So to celebrate Plan A Solo Vacation Day on the 1st March, I am giving away some goodies that I think are essential for a solo holiday.

Lime Quilted Cross Body Bag - A cross body bag is essential for any solo trip, whether it is abroad or  domestic. It frees both arms for ultimate exploration potential and isn't so big that it becomes a burden. You need a bag small enough to not get in the way, but big enough to hold all your essentials. It's also handy if the chain can be tucked away as it can double as an evening bag/clutch. Having a multi-purpose bag means you can travel with less (just one bag) which means more room for shopping hauls or additional luggage if you are planning a backpacking style trip. This fun lime Miu Miu style quilted cross body bag is perfect!

Lovisa Turquoise Crystal Ball Earring Studs - While some may think jewellery is not essential for a holiday, I think it's important to pack a pair of earrings for certain occasions. Some understated but colourful studs will do the trick if you want a bit of daytime bling in the sunshine or evening glitz. These studs are versatile and do the trick!

Missguided Statement Necklace - I believe you should bring at least one necklace on a holiday with you, while not necessary in the day, I think having one glam piece is essential. Stick with silver so it can match any outfit you pick out.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin and Love Poems by Pablo Neruda - Always bring at least one book with you unless you know there will be books at your accommodation. If you stay in a hostel, chances are there will be many books to pick from but if you're at a holiday resort, it's safer to bring one from home. Choose a classic like Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice or if you don't want to commit to a long story, choose something easier to read like a collection of short stories or some love poems. 

Nude Nail Varnish - While makeup should be minimal on holiday, I think it's important to have well groomed nails. Opt for something understated like a nude brown or french manicure pink. A lot like the silver statement necklace, the colour of your nails should be able to match any outfit you pick out. 

Semi-Rimless Tortoiseshell Vintage-Style Sunglasses - Last but not least, sunglasses! You can never predict the weather, and it is very important to look after your eyes. Not only can the sun's rays damage your eyesight but squinting can increase wrinkles around the eye area. Keep your eyes protected with some stylish sunglasses and make sure they themselves are protected from scratches.

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