Eating Pancakes For All Three Meals

1 March 2017

What would happen if I were to eat nothing but pancakes for all three meals of the day at different establishments? 

Well, we'll soon find out! Yesterday graced us with one of my favourite religious holidays - Pancake Day...where we learn that Jesus lent his frying pan to Judas for 40 days and 40 nights and that's where we get Lent from*. 

For breakfast, I went to Alabama's All America Eatery in the Northern Quarter of Manchester as I have enjoyed their pancakes previously. As I was short on time and they suggested leaving up to 40 minutes for a visit so I had to bail and opt for personal favourite; Ezra & Gil. Served in no time, I opted for the very simple and classic blueberry and maple syrup fluffy American-style pancakes. It hit the spot with a cup of their chai latte and was just enough to fill me for breakfast. 

The reason why Ezra & Gil is my favourite café establishment is because of so many different contributing factors. It's big, it has a friendly and homely atmosphere, it promotes and sells local produce (which gives me a very zerowaste vibe), they are dog friendly with free dog treats, free wifi, you can spend hours in there and not realise, CANDY MACHINES, they do a mean smashed avocado (which I'm obsessed with) and they are bloody efficient! Their kitchen is beyond fast yet it's not huge nor abundantly staffed. They always produce my orders in record speed and once, my plate arrived the second I sat down. 

For lunch, I went back to Alabama's to be told the wait to be seated would be over 45 minutes long and you had to be texted when a table was ready since there was no room to sit, even though I did try to book a table online on the OpenTable widget on their website but consequently told that they aren't even registered with OpenTable. So off we went to another homely kitchen named Evelyn's Café Bar. I've heard nothing but great things about this place yet never found the time to go. My bestie raves about the Sunday roast here which is next on my list. They had three pancake specials on; a fluffy soufflé pancake with fresh berries, a green superfood avocado and apple pancake, and a savoury Indian cuisine inspired pancake with spices. I opted for the superfood pancake and my chummy, the berry soufflé pancake and halved each when they arrived. 

The superfood pancake definitely ticked my boxes with the berry pancake falling short. Both delicious and took no time to arrive, the superfood won it for me. The berry pancake was a little too heavy for my liking with some parts tasting more eggy than others and other parts tasting more sour from the berries.

Finally for dinner, I popped over to Trof to peruse their pancake offerings. I had been here for drinks before but never for food until the other week when I tried their smashed avocado. I might possibly say it was better than Ezra but if I say this out loud, I feel like the bestie would go ape since she seems to be in an open relationship with the establishment. All that was left at Trof when we arrived were a mushroom and cheese pancake and ham, tomato and cheese pancake. This was not an issue for me since I prefer savoury food over sweet food any day of the week, so I went ahead and ordered the ham, tomato and cheese. 

Sadly, this didn't do it for me. The ham was actually dry cured ham, yet I was expecting juicy slices of ham inside. The tomato was fresh but the ham ruined the dish for me and I felt that these options were just variations of omelette but replacing egg with a pancake. Sadly, this wasn't appealing enough visually to make it onto my Instagram either. 

Winner: Superfood Pancake at Evelyn's Cafe Bar

*not a fact

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