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3 June 2016

I was sent a box jam-packed with snacks and sweets from Freedom which is a subscription box service that send you Japanese snacks and sweets straight to your door every month. This box was so full of treats that I simply couldn't work out how to put it back in. 

Besides the fact that I couldn't read a single word on any of the packages (but that's part of the fun right?), I found it fairly straight forward to figure out what each of these treats were. Being Asian myself, I'm familiar with the types of candy and snacks often enjoyed by the Asian culture. First of all, I want to point out how much I love the packaging of these snacks. I love how individually cased each piece of candy is inside and how much thought has gone into the graphics of the packaging. 

There was a great variation of snacks inside from sweet to savoury, and even included a drink to wash it all down with. Perfectly square, was a chocolate wafer sandwich that hid a Pokemon sticker, a four-pack of starchy sweet gummy balls (not my fave) and a strawberry flavoured powdered drink that you add water to. This drink was possibly one of my least favourite of the contents, but it was nice that it was included in the box.

This long stick of fun is a coke flavoured gummy, covered in sugar obviously. Included inside were teeny tiny chocolate bananas and solid sweets that encased bubblegum inside. 

I'm a savoury girl myself, so these were my all time favourites. In Japan/China, they have a lot of these Doraemon snacks which are essentially just a massive flavoured Wotsit, that's literally the best way I can describe it. I've had a few of these in the past from relatives and friends, they're fab to snack on but messy as hell. Eat in the comfort of your own home to avoid ultimate humiliation, but it's worth it - I promise. Out of the whole box, the chilli hoops were by far the best. Not only was the bag not measly-sized (this was probably a share bag but I don't care), but tasted amazing. I love my food to be spicy, and I rarely find food that really challenge my tolerance of spice so I arrogantly shoved a handful of these in my mouth only to realise that they were much hotter than I expected them to be. These were a delight and should be available in supermarkets!

Now, after gorging on all these snacks, we should probably take a rest right? No. It's time for dinner and it's ramen for tea. Problem?

In Asian cuisine, DIY kits are very popular. I've seen things like these online, especially from watching Emmy Eats on Youtube. I tried my hand at making some foam candies, as you can tell from the last image - I failed but they tasted fab, slightly sour but really fun to make. A little messy, so make sure you have some kitchen towel ready. 

Check out Freedom online and check out all the different boxes they offer.

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