Road Trip

23 May 2013

This is the first of many 'rambling' posts, in which I aim to bore as many people as possible in one post. Over the past couple months, I have experiencing abnormal physical changes. I have started waking with headaches and experiencing intense backaches, amongst other things. Nothing about my routine has changed so I am finding it extremely difficult to pinpoint a cause but I did the ridiculous and Googled it. Apparently, I'm going through menopause.

I buckled the other day and bought a bouquet of those really-tacky-yet-secretly-fantastic glittery flowers from Tesco after a colleague of mine returned from her lunch break with some. I had been eyeing these up since Christmas and when I spotted them discounted at around £1.85, I nabbed them. I didn't nab them, I paid for them. They're pastel in colour so perfect for spring, and sparkle in the sunlight. Some other mentionable items I have acquired include a lip-shaped lipstick and two giveaway wins; a pack of Aero Bubbles and a set of three Eucerin Even Brighter products worth over £60.

My fitness and diet regime is going appallingly  This is the first time I've ever dieted or exercised and it's proving to be difficult. I'm not going to boast that I love working out when I don't, just to fit in. I hate it - there, I said it. Keeping track of calories consumes you and I find research to be more of a hindrance than help, with many articles contradicting each other. I'm looking to build up a regime from scratch and I am eating healthier, but there's a long road ahead. I'm also looking into buying a console and dance game, either a Wii and Just Dance or Kinect and Dance Central, as I used to play this religiously and it never occurred to me that it counted as cardio.

I'm looking to get beach ready for September as my friends and I are embarking on a trip of a lifetime and to say I'm excited is an understatement. We are extending our British Summer (if we ever get one) and jetting off to America for a road trip around the West Coast, landing in Los Angeles and heading anti-clockwise to San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco and back to LA. We will be travelling through Yosemite National Park and ending our journey down Route 1 to see the fantastic coastal view. We may even 'pop' into Mexico while we're in San Diego. The trip is being based on the Hangover films, the National Geographic channel and Man vs Food and we will be travelling by two 4x4 off-road cars. We will be doing and eating as many American things as we can and have set ourselves a holiday challege to convince as many Americans to believe a persona we have fabricated and adopted. We are under strict orders to eat well, exercise, come up with challenges/personas, save money and not fall out. We have already adopted Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus* as our song, as it is a secret love of ours even though the majority of the group are male and because it's entirely relevant - I'm even making sure that we pack a dream and cardigan into our carry-ons for when we hop off our ride at LAX. I have been annoying everyone with variations of the song including its goat-form and Pitch-Perfect-form. While in LA, I plan on doing some industry research to see if moving to LA for work is a realistic option. I also plan on drunkenly convincing at least one friend to get hitched in Vegas. What fun! If you have any tips or ideas, please share them in a comment below!

I have an exciting few weeks ahead of me, I will be seeing Muse at the Etihad for their Manchester stadium tour date, I may be going to Hay Festival courtesy of Oxfam and possibly even to an exclusive Vogue editor talk in London. If you just so happen to be looking for a Muse ticket for the 25th at the London Emirates stadium and live in the North West of England...if I cannot sell a spare ticket that I have, I will be hiding it somewhere around Lancashire tomorrow or the day after. I will tweet a photo of it with a hint and the first person to get to it can have the ticket for free. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for real-time updates!

*Subject to change


  1. This trip sounds so epic! My boyfriend and I are planning our first-ever vacation for September, too. We're going to start in Seattle, then go down to Portland and San Fransisco, and finish-up in Santa Fe. I am SO stoked - and we haven't even booked the tickets yet! I never knew travel plans could be so fun!

    1. That sounds amazing, I would love to go to Seattle! Let me know how it goes!

  2. I want to go to LA :<
    I like your blog. What do you think about following each other? :)

  3. I want to go to San Diego :)
    We can follow each other if you want to?
    sandy from france.

  4. Beautiful Blog!
    Check out my blog?


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