DIY Watermelon Shorts

7 June 2013

Just like the peek-a-boo shorts, these watermelon shorts derived from a private DIY seller - Tres She and can fetch up to $102 AUD on eBay! Rather than part with such a huge amount of money, I decided to replicate these shorts for a fraction of the cost and now you can too!

Step 1: Prepare your pink dye; follow instructions exactly as they are outlined on the back of your dye. The salt added helps the dye adhere to the material.

Step 2: Ensure waistband is in line and level, in order to create an even line of dye. Making sure there are no splash-backs, slowly lower your shorts into the dye, leaving a designated amount free of dye. Use one hand to hold the clean section and the other to submerge the pink section; never switch hands. Splash-backs onto the clean section will be camoflaged by the green dye, but will still be visible (I plan on re-dying the green section a deeper green to hide my mistakes!)

Step 3: Repeat with green dye.

Step 4: Rinse both colours until the water runs clear, but do this so the water runs off the shorts so the colours don't mix (so rinse the pink section the right way up and the green section upside-down).

Step 5: Squeeze out the water from the shorts and hang up to dry. Alternatively, suspend the shorts on a trouser hanger in a bucket to dry. Although most of the excess dye has been rinsed out, leaving the shorts over a bathtub or radiator may still cause staining.

Step 6: Once dry, use a thin paintbrush and black acrylic paint to paint the watermelon seeds. It is best to do this roughly, then use a toothpick to paint thinner and cleaner lines. Do this on the front and back.

Step 7: Leave to dry and you're done!

The original shorts I have seen fetch up to $102 AUD which roughly translates to £60. I replicated this design for just £10; £5 was spent on the two dyes and another £5 was spent on the shorts. These Dylon dyes are around £3.64 RRP but are cheaper on eBay. The shorts need to be of a denim material if you want the frayed hem effect. I would suggest a white pair as it is a lot more straight forward to dye. Any other colour and you would have to add in a bleaching process. Check out the Oxfam online shop for a selection of denim shorts.

On the theme of fruit, it is important to eat as much fruit and vegetables a day. Watermelons are 97% water so not only are they delicious and healthy, but they will quench your thirst too. Watermelons have vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin C, with a high level of potassium for muscles and nerves. At only 40 calories per diced cup, fruit keeps our weight in check and boosts immunity. Research also suggests that eating fruit and veg makes you calmer, more energetic and happier! I hope you have enjoyed this DIY and if you have any DIY suggestions, just leave them below.


  1. This is SUCH an amazing idea, genuinely so impressed by this! Definitely going to try it :) xx

  2. These are too cute and I love how easy they are to make! Plus the nutritional information at the end, love it :)


  3. That is such a good idea! Love how they turned out.

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  4. Those are so fabulous!! Makes me want to run out and buy some dye to spice up my boring shorts

  5. This is great! Thank you so much for sharing.
    XOXO, Sarah

  6. omg these are so incredibly cute!! Thank you so much for the DIY~ I'm sure this will save a lot of people some money <3

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  7. Omg, this idea is awesome, thanks for sharing. :)

  8. These are so cute! I might try this myself. :D


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