Halloween 2012

2 November 2012

Unfortunately for us in the UK, Halloween is not as big as it is in the USA. We tend to lean towards the alcohol side of things rather than the trick/treat side. My usual go-to costume for anything fancy dress (including Halloween) is a cat. I probably spent more time in my cat costume during University than I did in normal attire. Needless to say, this year - I ditched the feline outfit in favour of a skeleton costume that I made from an old dress. I sewed up a skeleton bodysuit and ordered a pair of cheap skeleton-pattern tights. I was initially going to wear the bodysuit bare like I do with my cat costume but my tights had that dreaded line across the top which made the whole ensemble quite distasteful, so I paired it with some black sequin shorts. I also painted my nails an eyeball pattern and was splattered with fake blood, thanks to my friend! I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween :)

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