Bimuno Immunaid Review | A Winter Essential

17 November 2015

A while ago, I was approached by the kind people of Bimuno to try out some of their product range. Bimuno is a company that specialises in what I'd like to call 'convenient health'. As the child of a borderline hypochondriac (I'm talking about you, mother!), I have gone through much of my life being forced to take copious amounts of supplements that would vary month by month. By the time I was a late teen, I stopped asking what I was even taking because I got bored of the inconsistency of it all. At one point, I was taking 50 (yes 50) individual pills. I am now 26 and have moved, not once but twice and she still manages to convince me to take something new every month, occasionally slipping in supplements with anything she wishes to bring for me (I promise she's not trying to drug me...)

I love the fact that Bimuno only have 4 products, plain and simple. As an aspiring minimalist, this is music to my ears! They offer Immunaid which is for general immune health, IBAid, which is specifically for gut bacteria, Travelaid for travellers and their Prebiotic Powder. Yes, 'prebiotic' which is different to 'probiotic'. How? Well as you may or may not be able to tell, a PREbiotic helps feed the existing good bacteria and a PRObiotic tops it up. What makes these products extra convenient is that they are chewable pastilles which makes for accessible consumption, especially when stored in your desk drawer at work. And the fact that they are citrus flavoured chews makes the mundane task of taking supplements, actually fun - even for a 26 year old!

I can't say I could tell much of a difference in health after getting through two boxes of Immunaid but it's not necessarily something you'd be able to feel right away, after all - how can you measure whether your pre-existing good bacteria are being feed? At £9.99 per box (£8.99 for the powder), they are pretty expensive for supplements/vitamins. However, what I would recommend is to actually purchase these in conjunction with seasons. For example, right now - we are transitioning into Winter (although I'd like to argue that we have been transitioning between Winter and Autumn all year) so therefore I would recommend that these pastilles are taken a couple weeks in the run up to Winter. So basically, the first instance of a colleague being sick at work - start taking them! 

While they seem like costly investment, I think it would be worthwhile to try them at times you expect to be unwell. This would also save money that you would otherwise spend (excessively in my mother's case) on multiple variations of supplements and vitamins throughout the whole year. You can purchase Bimuno products on their website and also in Boots

(P.S - I know it's just because you care so much, Mum. I love you really!)

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