DIY Mini Motif T-Shirt

3 November 2013

If you're like me and dislike large motif tees, there is hope for you yet! Try mini-motif tees, a muted and affordable alternative. You can be as creative or subtle as you want. For this, I found a cute little image on Tumblr with 'I am surrounded by idiots' encased in a purple heart. I thought this would be great to transfer onto a t-shirt and bring on holiday with me as I was travelling with my friends. 

Step 1: Find an image you would like to print out, place the transfer paper with the lines facing up and print.

Step 2: Cut out image and align on t-shirt.

Step 3: Peel the backing from the graphic you've printed out, lay image graphic-side up and align. Lay the protective paper on top and iron in circular motions for 90 - 120 seconds.


You can make a multitude of t-shirts this way with different graphics. The possibilities are endless!


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