How To Attend A Gig When Pregnant

28 January 2019

Can you go to gigs while pregnant? Yes, of course you can! Depending on how far along you are, you will have to adjust your plans accordingly. 

Did you book not knowing you were pregnant?

I did! If you email the venue, they may offer you an allocated area in 'Standing' or offer to move you to seated if the cost of the ticket is the same price (but honestly, when is it ever). 

Standing or Seated?

Even if you are very early in your pregnancy, I would advise to book 'Seated'. Even early on in your pregnancy, you will experience symptoms of pregnancy and tiredness could be one of them as well as frequent urination and back ache.

Need a wee?

Find out where the toilets are for the venue you are attending and if they are close to your location. Also consider where the disabled toilets are because more often than none, toilet queues can be out the door and you may find yourself queuing for 20 minutes if you cannot find anyone nice enough to let you squeeze in before you wet yourself. If you can locate the disabled toilets, please also check to see how you can access these as you may need to ask to use a key each time. It'd be worth it to mention that you will be going frequently.


If you are heavily pregnant, please ask to know the amount of steps you will have to walk to get to your seat if you have a Seated ticket. 


Most places won't allow you to bring in food or drink for security and safety reasons. Try to get your share of food and drink before queues begin to form but be weary that this may be inconvenient if you are standing and have many cups/bottles of drink and lots of food. This is also an inconvenience when seated so it might be a case of asking friends to get you your drinks when they go for theirs. Bottles are now given to you without caps which can be a nuisance if you are not drinking from it right away.

Ask for physical support

If you are going to a gig that has a capacity of a couple thousand, please do not be afraid to ask your friends for physical support like holding hands or linking arms. You'll find that all attendees will be pushing, squeezing, running etc especially at the end of the gig. So you'll find yourself being battered around at times, even aggressively. 

I hope this has helped! I attended the O2 Academy Brixton recently but will probably hold off from further gigs until after my baby arrives. Although the gig itself was incredible, I found the venue was not suitable for pregnant women. If I have missed out any tips, feel free to add yours below.

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  1. Very good post. I will be facing a few of these
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