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1 January 2019

I'm going to keep this short and sweet (like myself no?)

Myself and my partner are having a baby in Summer 2019!

I will try my hardest to document my journey as I want to be as honest as possible when it comes to pregnancy since I have found the internet to be very one-sided. Apart from social media, friends and forums - I have found information online very generic and unhelpful.

I didn't discover I was pregnant until about 5 weeks and strangely enough, it was my Natural Cycles app that told me I was with child. Whaaaaaaat? The app noticed my temperature was high and asked me to do a test. I've had my fair share of pregnancy scares (I mean who hasn't) so thought nothing of it so I did a test with a spare preggo test I had (don't lie - we all have a spare). Now that damn second line...

...faint as fuck it was.

I spent the majority of my Saturday looking like I'd lost the plot. I spent about 4 hours shouting at a stick of piss. Full-on conversation. I was hysterically crying and asking it...


This is because my second line was extremely faint but as the instructions read, if there is a line - THERE IS A DAMN LINE WOMAN.

(Disclaimer; not the actual words of FirstResponse)

My other half reacted much better than I did at first, but when we did our second test the day after and it bloody told me just how far along I was, his reaction was merely a simple and minimalistic...


Aside from our mental reactions (and let's not lie, how many of us react like that damn Clearblue advert), we were instantly in-love with our baby and there was no question about whether we wanted to keep it or not. Both of us are so in-love and are very family-orientated.

Sadly, we had to cancel our Christmas in Kenya due to birth defect risks from Zika and Malaria, and we lost a ton of money but we don't regret it at all.

I am now 14+3 weeks but it hasn't been smooth sailing.

Week 8, I had to go to hospital twice because of severe back pain that led me to going home sick from work and not sleeping for days. My hormones were and still are extremely high and my tiny frame meant that my body was struggling to change so much in such little space. This eventually went away after my mum gave me her emergency latex mattress topper and I bought a pregnancy pillow.

While I have only been sick 3 times and not really had morning sickness, I have been nauseous to texture and smells. At one point, I just burst into tears when my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for tea. I ended up surviving on miso soup with chopped veg because that's all I could stomach.

I have had little trouble since then until now at Week 14 where I am faced with crippling face and body acne (I look like I have leprosy) and a constant headache and if there is one thing I can't bear, it's headaches. Not to be a drama queen, but I once thought I was dying.

I do not handle headaches well.

So it's been agony lately with my never-ending gargoyle-ness and constant pain.

On top of this, I am still exhausted even though they say in your second trimester you have a burst of energy, and I'm trying to micro-manage my boyfriend (tip: buying Commando Dad and delegation is the answer).

Also for those on a tight baby budget, here are some good freebies to take advantage of which doesn't require you to sign your life away to a barrage of incessantly annoying spam emails from several different companies.

The Baby Box Co - Do a short video course and get a free baby box with free samples
Emma's Diary - Get up to 3 different baby packs with offers and discounts on baby stuff
Bounty - Get up to 3 different baby packs with offers and discounts on baby stuff
Cow & Gate Baby Club - Postal packs (including a pregnancy diary) and cuddly cow
Facebook Marketplace - This is a great way to find free baby stuff including brand new items that other mummies just want to get rid of

Can I also point out that if you're pregnant and less than 12 weeks, you can tell whoever the fuck you want. Let's fight this social stigma!

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