Handmade Happiness with The Yay Makers

30 December 2018

A little while ago, the people at The Yay Makers contacted me to review a box of theirs. The Yay Makers describe their box as 'a box of handmade happiness, wellbeing and creative wonderfulness'.

I love boxes like these because they are an instant pick me up. The colours and variety of products are uplifting not to mention they usually feature independent artists and sellers. If there's one thing I've really enjoyed this Christmas, it's the emphasis on shopping local and supporting small businesses and creators.

Some of the goodies included colourful pins, badges, some wellbeing tea, a gorgeous tote bag and a postcard with a heart-warming note. It also included some cute stationary such as a notebook illustrated by Lydia and a positivity pencil.

The Yay Makers are known for their pins and if it's those you're collection, they do a special pin subscription box for the collectors out there.

I think this box is amazingly uplifting and really useful. Any items you don't think you'll use are in a perfect condition to gift away too.

Brighten up someone's day with The Yay Makers.

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