Empowering Femininity with Project Lingerie

25 November 2018

The lovely Rowan from Project Lingerie reached out to me this year regarding promoting a new box to the UK subscription box scene.

Project Lingerie describes itself as a box to inspire women to feel body confident and the sticker for the packaging is described as a nod to female curves being sexy.

You can choose whether the box is for yourself or a gift for someone else and you have the option of one of three boxes; Delite, Deluxe and Divine in the sizes you require.

The Delite package offers cute knickers, the Deluxe is full of seductive pieces and Divine is boudoir themed. I was kindly gifted a taster box of what Project Lingerie has to offer and was delite-fully surprised.

The box came beautifully packaged in a letterbox friendly box wrapped in branded tissue paper and a premium gold sticker. Alongside this was a personal note and some cute sequins and gems in a mesh bag. The whole box came tied in a rich gold satin bow which made it all the more luxurious. 

The piece itself was a matching camisole set with thong. You get to choose your knicker preference upon setting up your subscription and for me, thongs are the way to go (and no I don't find it uncomfortable). The set was a mesh and lace piece with a gemstone at the bust and a low back. The lace was intricate and of high quality. What I find more often than none is that a lot of 'premium' lingerie brands use cheap lace - the type that resembles a curtain voile more than lingerie. 

I adore the message this box sends to women, that you can embrace your body and feel sexy in whatever. 

Project Lingerie starts at £14.99 a month with shop extras from £12. Sign up here to start your subscription.

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