Tea in Summer

11 August 2018

Isn't it typically British to be still drinking tea in the height of summer? Especially when this year's summer has been borderline unbearable in terms of heat. But as any Brit, we are born with a third chromosome; the T chromosome.

The kind and patient people from Adagio Tea sent me a massive variety of teas to try out and it's taken quite some time for me to get through these. 

Pictured above is sadly not everything I was sent as a few have gone missing, and I suspect my boyfriend to be the culprit and has them in a black hole where I imagine he's put several of my clothes and our missing knives from the cutlery drawer - anyway I digress. 

I have to say that the Earl Grey and Jasmine Pearls were my favourite teas; Earl Grey because it's one of my all time favourites and Jasmine Pearls because it reminds me of my childhood (and also the pearls look fun and they unravel when they brew lol)

I have to admit that there are a couple I've not tried yet and very reluctant too, and it's the dessert-y teas. I was sent a vanilla and chocolate chip to try and these just don't sound like my cup of tea (omg I didn't even plan on writing that pun but it's worked out perfectly). However, I shouldn't give sweet teas a miss because I do enjoy the mango they sent me. Who knows, I may even like it if it doesn't go missing in my boyfriend's black hole within the next few days.

Go check out the wonderful Adagio Teas and support their wonderful Roots Campaign which helps the lives of each tea farmer they source from.

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