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23 February 2018

Ever had your dessert sent to you in the mail? No - me neither! But this is where The Pudding Post comes in. A little like Hello Fresh, The Pudding Post sends sweet treats for you to make at home for your enjoyment. I was sent the recipe and ingredients to make Oreo and Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse which turned out delicious. You may even surprise yourself! (I thought my mousse would be slop...)

The only thing I would change about this recipe is the instructions to make the caramel - it's quite easy to ruin caramel which I inevitably did (it turned into a surprisingly good alternative to concrete). However, I managed to make something similar to a Dime Bar!

I decided to make this in small jars instead of one large tray so I could gift and have for desserts (or multiple desserts in one sitting...)

I love doing fortnightly food projects but sometimes coming up with new recipes and projects is hard to do. Having a subscription service like The Pudding Post is brilliant because they come up with the recipes for you and send you the ingredients, and just the right amount too. I hate having to buy ingredients and having left over that I know I will never use - so having The Pudding Post means you minimise on food waste too. 

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