Absolutely Divine

31 January 2017

The lovely Christine from Divine Legs kindly sent me a box of goodies to try this winter season. Divine Legs are a monthly subscription service that provide hosiery and socks for men and women. Christine included in the box her Beauty Balm tights and a pair of hold-ups. 

The Beauty Balm tights are an innovative type of hosiery that improves circulation, stays put and also enhances the look of your complexion. They are available in powder and black but Divine Legs are working hard on producing new shades. I tried this out for the first time one evening while out for drinks; perfect for a test run.  I tend to buy tights a size larger in most retailers as this prevents tights from falling down. However, these Beauty Balm tights were very snug and barely drooped at all. You can feel the support it gives you and see from the quality of the tights how they blend your natural complexion. The only downside to this for me was the shade; powder, but like I mentioned - Christine is working on new shades for the near future. If you're fair skinned, then by all means opt for the powder. Otherwise opt for the black which undoubtedly would be perfect for winter, especially as the tights provide better circulatory benefits than any others.

The hold-ups I was most apprehensive about, as I've never really had a good experience with them; they either ladder easily, are of terrible quality or don't hold up. These however, were a pleasant surprise. Not only did they hold up, they did not budge an inch. Not to mention these are of very high quality and luxurious to the touch. Everything you want hold-ups to be and even more perfect for this coming Valentine's Day. 

I would highly recommend this service, especially for those who wear tights to work and in the evenings. Such a simple service can make you feel a million dollars, and it teaches you to appreciate good quality workmanship. Why spend so much money buying countless tights that rip on the first wear? Not everyone is blessed with the ability to use their own legs, so it's only right to look after ours, when they go through so much to support us!

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

4 January 2017

As we headed into November, there was no doubt that there would be some imminent winter blues, but luckily I discovered a handy way to help alleviate the looming seasonal slump when the lovely Zoe from Treat Box contacted me. Treat Box is a letterbox friendly subscription service designed to lift your spirits. Treat Box is a truly versatile service; you can subscribe for a length of time, purchase a one-off box, build your own Treat Box, gift a box to a friend and even shop their stash. Treat Box is filled with lovely goodies you can use yourself or gift on to a friend. The possibilities are endless!

You'll find that these boxes are filled with motivational and inspirational prompts and I found that it was just what I needed because I was suffering badly with the blues. The box is very well packaged; all the goodies come wrapped in tissue paper with sprinklings of confetti/sequins. Such a nice touch!

These little golden glitter stars were perfect for a sleepover I was planning (yes I know I'm 27). I hung these from my living room lamp shade with some fairy lights. I then reused these for Christmas and will be recycling these throughout the year or making them into gift tags. A perfect little up-cycling project!

On the topic of my slumber party, I also made some chocolate milk to put in my glass milk bottles. I decorated the rim with sugared sprinkles and used my adorable paper straws to match my star hanging I had put up. These were a definite hit!

These white chocolate stars were actually the first things I picked out of the box. As always, the first thing I retrieve from these boxes are usually food-related. It didn't take me long to scoff these with a slice of homemade pumpkin pie and a bottle of cold milk.

I have been dying to try wax melts for the longest time, to see how they are comparable to candles. Turns out, they burn much longer than candles. I invested in an oil/wax burner and put these on my beauty table at my sleepover. The first thing my guests noticed was the incredible caramel smell. It's been months and I'm still only on my first wax star and have gone through countless tea lights so it just goes to show that wax melts trump candles in terms of longevity. 

I adore this constellation compact mirror, it reminds me a lot of the theme for Burning Man this past year; Da Vinci's Workshop. I love the bright indigo-blue and the celestial design. Packaged in a cute box, the square compact is made of faux leather which opens out into two mirrors; standard and close-up. This is a gorgeous little addition to anyone's makeup bag or a adorable gift for a close friend. 

This little tote has now been added to my ever-growing collection of tote bags. You can never have too many book bags when you're aspiring to be a zero-waster. I love having reusable bags on-hand; in the car, at home, in the kitchen etc. Plus you're saving the planet!

For me, receiving this box meant a lot. I was going through a pretty tough time and was finding it increasingly difficult to remind myself of all the positive things in my life. When I received this in the post and opened the box to the message that read 'Shine Bright Like A Diamond', I must admit - I did get teary. We live in a world consumed with capitalism and the existential need to please others to validate your own self-worth. I think it's important to treat yourself and remind yourself of your own importance. 

The box only costs £12.95 with free delivery, or if you subscribe - just £12. 

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