28 December 2017

I jest.

My motherland is actually Liverpool where I was created but in a bid to embrace my Chinese heritage more, I nipped over to Hong Kong for my cousin's wedding and boy was it an experience. Now I hear having a lavish wedding in Chinese culture is quite common but I couldn't help but feel like I was at a wedding of a celebrity. Five dress changes, a bag of gold and a 13 course meal later and I'm ready to hibernate.

Now until this visit, I had not been 'back' since I was about 15 and prior to that just a tiny human being (which I guess I still am). So I jumped at the opportunity to explore! Apart from understanding a bit of Hakka (a now obsolete dialect), I know zero Chinese so I had to use my interpreter (also known as my cousin) to help my uncultured ass.

Amongst laughing at typical and quite innocent 'Engrish' and buying the new Toy Story Vans at an extortionate price just so I could have them before everyone else, I managed to do a bit of sightseeing. 

Nan Lian Garden was a highlight; the contrast of absolute peace and serenity against the concrete city skyline of Hong Kong was quite spectacular to see. We managed to stop off for tea and cake in a restaurant under a waterfall and crossed over to see the Chi Lin Nunnery.

We also managed to get ourselves to the light show at the harbour and hop onto a Junk Boat for a tour across the river. 

Now back to my roots...I managed to visit my grandad's old apartment in the city (now my uncle's) which I only remember from photos and smell (weird). We also managed to visit my mum's village on the border of Hong Kong and China which was really special to see. I've always been fascinated by the stories my mum used to tell me; I was especially intrigued by this cow she had as a pet and had to take up a mountain every day.

So back onto this cow right...we were eventually introduced to the mountain she had to take the cow up (but not the cow because RIP) and we paid our respects to our ancestors and family members who have now passed. Most families will have shrines upon the mountains that house the dead; we bring food because they're starving, paper gifts like shoes and fake money. They're all burnt so the spirits can receive them. We also bring food and goodies for those that guard the shrine then light fire crackers to ward of evil spirits and apparently give people (myself) a heart attack.

And as always, the best part - THE FOOD

I think it's incredibly important to remember what generations before us had to go through to make our lives more comfortable and live-able. It always baffles me how my parents have come from such poverty and yet I'm sitting here in my old bedroom that I still have in my parents home, typing away on my Apple MacBook Air, about to drive home to Manchester in my cute little red Mini. And yet what did my mum have? 

A bloody cow.


  1. This was hilarious! Gorgeous photos, though. I've not been to Hong Kong but it's on the bucket list. If I go and see cows, I'll think of your mum.

    1. Haha, I'm obsessed with this bloody cow! I hope you visit soon, let me know how you find it lovely and take care!


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