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12 November 2017

UN Palace of Nations - Entry CHF12

I visited Geneva, Switzerland in February this year for a stunning four days over a long weekend. It was a spur of the moment booking (as all my bookings are) and was just the retreat I needed. Four days was the perfect amount of time for Geneva, if I had more time - I would have loved to travel out for a spot of skiing (not that I have ever skied in my life...)

I would definitely recommend the Jet d'Eau/Lake Geneva, UN Palace of Nations, Broken Chair, Conservatory and Botanical Garden, Flower Clock/English Gardens, Plainpalais Flea Market, a thermal bath, Natural History Museum and take a quick trip to Mount Salève.

Botanical Gardens - Free

Cathedral Saint Pierre - Free
Chapel of the Maccabees (not the band) - Free
Jet d'Eau Water Jet - Free
Natural History Museum - Free
Broken Chair - Free
Parc Des Bastions - Free
Reformation Wall - Free
Plainpalais Flea Market - Free
Love this, can you imagine drinking a bottle of red wine at a car boot in England? We'd get banned...

One thing I would definitely recommend is to hop on a tram then bus to Mont Salève which is technically France but whatever. The bus ride will take you through picturesque villages and towns and drop you off at a stop near the Salève Mountain cable car. Walk uphill through the sweet little village and you'll find yourself queuing for a cable car ride that will take you up to see an incredible and breathtaking view of The Alps.

Mont Salève

Just some things to note about Geneva; it is "expensive" in the way that it's pretty much similar in cost as England. Don't buy a Geneva pass as you can get transport cards from almost any accommodation and the local supermarket is called Migros.

Due to the alpine area of Switzerland, the country is a haven for crystals and rocks so if you're a collector like myself, stop by the Plainpalais Flea Market and pick up some unique crystals. They're also available in a lot of shops and also the Natural History Museum. 

Now let's talk about Evian water; it's actually sourced from Lake Geneva and so the tap water is basically just Evian water - drink to your heart's desire! I discovered this by accident when I realised I just swallowed the tap water. But it tasted so good, I had to Google it.

Now the picture you're all waiting for...

Get yourself some chocolate, cheese, Birchermuesli, toasted almonds (they are to die for) and definitely try to find some fondue and raclette.

This trip was a neat little break for me and while the culture wasn't entirely different, I found myself learning a lot about this city and met some very interesting people. One woman I met gave off such positive vibes, it healed me instantly and put a lot of my anxiety at ease. 

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  1. I think all car boots should have wine from now on. Let's make it a thing.


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