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28 October 2017

I've always tried convincing myself that I would read more because it would help mould me into a more rounded and intelligent person. Did this plan ever come to fruition? Not until now.

I have an overactive imagination; think of a kid on e-numbers who is afraid of the dark. A book has to be terribly engrossing to impress me which is often why I only end up reading wellbeing books or historical literature. I found Silver Linings Playbook awfully mundane and the film even worse... I found reading a chore because of this.

The lovely people at Fernweh Fiction contacted me about a new subscription box called The Travelling Reader. The name wasn't enticing enough as I already knew I had issues with books, however - when the concept was described to me, I found it utterly magical. 

The idea behind it is that every month, you are sent a piece of literature to read and goodies surrounding where that book is based. What a 'novel' idea (badum-chhhh)...

I was sent The Moon Field which in short, is about how war changes a man. Now I'm not a big fan of novels about war, nor am I films but there was a certain innocence and vulnerability to this book that I was actually a fan of. 

The book was set in Keswick, Cumbria and included quaint little extras such as a white musk soap, postcards, chocolate, bath bombs, colouring pencils and a metal charm bookmark.

Society has it these days where we are all just glued to our phones, checking and re-checking our social status. Go check out The Travelling Reader over at Fenweh Fiction and get lost in a book even just for a few hours. You owe it to your soul.


  1. This sounds wonderful - what a great idea!!
    I am very picky with my books, though, I would do it if I could pick from a range.

    1. I thought that myself actually but it may be a nice surprise. I read the blurb for this book and it totally wasn't 'me' but it's actually a good book!


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