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30 October 2017

I have always been a big tea drinker, but not necessarily an adventurous tea drinker. The standard was always English Breakfast, can't go wrong with English Breakfast. I have previously ventured out and very much enjoy Green Tea, but other than that - I've not have the best experiences with new teas. The worst being Russian Caravan tea which funnily enough to me, tasted like a Russian caravan...(not sure why I was surprised)

The lovely people at The True Tea Club sent me over a new selection to try and I'm glad to add Earl Grey onto my list of beloved teas. I was sent Mighty Mango, Earl Grey, Rainbow Chaser and Vanilla Cupcake. All of which I enjoyed apart from the Vanilla Cupcake, this I found way to weird for my basic tea palette. And the Earl Grey being my favourite of the bunch. 

You can see here that I decided to use my strainer, this is because although I found the reusable drawstring tea bags a handy little extra, it didn't infuse all that well. I found my teas were stronger with the use of my steel tea leaf strainer. 

This subscription is perfect for that little pick me up or as a gift this Christmas for any tea lover. Now that it's getting colder, it's ideal for cosy nights and Netflix binges. Tea has a very calming affect on people, it's soothing and de-stressing. In our hectic everyday lives, we need to find more time for a nice brew and some time out.

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