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1 March 2017

The lovely Cara from Nana Momo Makes contacted me to review a new monthly sewing box. The subscription just launched in November and began with a quilting course which I found exciting and was definitely up for the challenge. I am a keen sewer but by no means a pro, however - quilting was a first for me. 

When you join the subscription, you have access to the video tutorials Cara personally creates for you which run you through step-by-step just what you need to do to achieve the end result. If you want to take up quilting as a hobby, I would definitely recommend purchasing the additional instruments that Cara advises you to. 

As a newbie to quilting, I found that I had to improvise with what I had lying around but definitely thought the end result would have been finished more professionally had I had the right equipment. 

The pile of fabric comes neatly piled and tied with a ribbon, and comes with all the relevant information to get you started. The video tutorials run through these pages visually and makes it more digestible, as this information can be a little overwhelming at first!

I did make a couple errors including sewing down the middle line but this wasn't an issue as I had to cut down it anyway. And also, I didn't align my squares from the centre so the star at the end was a little misaligned. 

However, I was very happy with and proud of the outcome of the star even with it's imperfections as they added a little more character to the piece. I also love the fabric choices she included and found this mustard print adorable. 

Cara includes enough fabric to create two of these and while I probably won't be taking up quilting full time, the box has given me enough fabric to make another star which I could use as a creative way to wrap presents. 

As I'm a budding zero waster, I'm hoping to decrease the waste I produce and get more crafty at home to replace products I would otherwise buy and then throw away (like wrapping paper). The box has also taught me how to make this unique gift and I'll be keeping the instructions for reference as I'd love to make more of these adorable quilt squares. 

I'm very grateful for Cara for reaching out to me about this box because now I have learnt a new skill and something which is invaluable to me. Both my mother and I are very creative and my father, has a creative engineering mind. My mother has recently learnt how to crochet from being an avid knitter herself, but sewing is not her forté and relies on me to teach her whenever I get the chance. Having learnt this new skill, I can now use this to bond with my mother the next time I'm back for some home comforts. 

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