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17 April 2016

Being Chinese, I am blessed with very fine and bare body hair. However, even I admit that shaving is a laborious task. Sometimes I think having such fine body hair is worse in some cases, as I never know whether or not I should or should not shave. The lovely Cat at Friction Free Shaving sent me a lovely new razor and blades to try out. Now, I must admit - this was probably one of the more usual boxes sent to me but I'm always up for trying something new and different. 

I have been using men's razors now for a long time now, ditching the standard plastic Venus razor about 5 years ago. I found that I needed the shaving closeness of a man's razor for my extremely fine hair. The weight of a man's razor itself helped with control. With plastic razors, I found myself pushing the blades into my leg to get a close shave but mis-judge this and you'll soon be shaving too close. 

While I could not fault my current razor, as it's a man's razor - I did find it a bit challenging both aesthetically and also in the dating department. In a new relationship, the fact I had a man's razor would bring up either or both questions; (1) Are you still in a relationship with your ex to still have his razor in your shower? (2) Are you actually a man?

Obviously, the answer is no. 

So when I received this beautiful piece of art, I was overjoyed. Gold*, is my kinda metal and was also just as weighty as my current razor. The box is slimline so fit perfectly in my apartment letterbox (which barely anything does) and everything came securely packaged to minimalist any breakages in the post. Inside was the handle and 4 sets of razors in safety cases. I used this before a night out and had let my body hair grow a couple weeks beforehand to test this and the shave was smooth and as close as you could ask for. 

The only gripe I had with this was to no fault of their own, in fact - it was me. As my hair barely grows and when it does, is so fine - I feel as though getting 4 sets of blades each month would be too much and I'd have an excess of razors. However, if you have this problem and are in a relationship, you could always share the razor with your partner and half the razor heads between you. Samantha (gold/black design) is probably the most unisex and sporty of all the designs, with Frankie being silver/pink and Faye delicate silver/gold.

You can start your subscription for as little as £3. You can choose from Faye (£3), Frankie (£5) or Samantha (£7). What I love about this service is that you are paying less than you would in-store, in light of the recent 'Sexist Surcharge' which highlighted that women pay much more for female products than men including razors and even toys. 

I think it's important to feel your best self, for yourself. 

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