You Haven't Lived Until You've Tried Spreadable Salami

25 March 2016

The wonderful people at Carnivore Club HQ kindly sent yet another box for me to try out. This month's supplier was Cobble Lane from the heart of London who have carefully selected a wide range of different cured meats to be featured in this box.

Instantly, I was drawn to the Nduja which is a spicy spreadable salami. Rolls off of the tongue doesn't it? And it didn't take long either to get to mine... There was a lovely selection of cured meats, from standard salami sausages to snack-sized salami. The range of flavours was impressive to say the least.

I love all things spicy so to see my box arrive in different spices was exciting. This chilli and oregano salami was perfect to cut up and sprinkle into a salad for a bit of texture and flavour. Definitely a winner in terms of versatility. 

Alternatively, the fennel and garlic salami was much more fragrant and perfect to cut up and snack on with a glass of white wine. Because the taste is so flavoursome, I found that it was better to have on its own (with wine to wash the palette) than it was to incorporate it into a dish. 

For those on the go, you could grab a Pepperami-style salami sausages to munch on the move. These little sausages are really handy when you are busy or if you just want to satisfy a craving.

I have had pork collars before and love these on toast as an alternative to bacon, with the advantage of not being fried and unhealthy for you. The best way to use Coppa though, would be to take it out of the fridge 15 minutes before using, just to let it warm to room temperature as it makes peeling it off the board a lot easier. I found that if I took it straight out of the fridge and peeled it off the board, it wouldn't come off evenly and it fell apart and ripped chunks out of other slices.

Now the piece the resistance in my eyes, was the Nduja. Who wouldn't love spreadable salami? The concept had never crossed my mind and I was intrigued. When I tried this first, I had kept the spread in the fridge. I would probably advise you to do the same as I did with the Coppa and take it out for 15 minutes before using it so it warms up to room temperature or it will be impossible to spread and will rip your bread apart attempting to do so. So make sure it's warmed so you can spread it easily. I loved the taste of the spreadable salami, it had a similar texture to pate but a bit rubberier. As it was spicy, it was also rather flavoursome. This was perfect on toast and great to snack on. It didn't take me long to finish the slab off because I found myself coming back for more.

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