Two Birds, One Stone

12 January 2016

Boxcitement is a relatively new subscription box, introduced late last year. The most precise way I can describe this box is that it's a box for those who would love a monthly surprise, that they can also gift to someone else; two birds, one stone. I've always loved the idea of a monthly subscription box but previously when I've subscribed to boxes, I've ended up accumulating a lot of products in a very short space of time, that I know I will never use. Not only will everything in this box be used at some point in the near future but it also satisfies those who wish to receive a treat every month but feel the effect of buyer's remorse and don't necessarily feel comfortable spending money on themselves, because ultimately, a lot of the products in the box will be gifted on. Yes, I know I've created a loop-hole for potentially dangerous spending habits, but it's for the benefit of other's right?

In my box were a pair of cellophane wrapped premium greeting cards, a set of three colour-in post cards, a pastel purple mini Sharpie which now lives at work with me, polka dot printed grosgrain ribbon and coloured paper tape which I kind of went mental in work with and decided to stick Kinder Egg toys across my monitor on a delusional Friday afternoon (I had too much sugar). All of these came in use either at work or over the Christmas period. These boxes are always handy to have as it's always someone's birthday somewhere, at some point. If you're like me, last-minute greeting card trips just don't cut it. 

Included in the box was a lovely mesh bag filled with space-themed tea goodies; a recycled cork coaster, a wooden spoon and a tea bag. Needless to say, this came in handy at work. I usually rely on Yorkshire Tea to send me individual tea bags in the post on my birthday and Christmas, but two just ain't enough! This coaster now sits comfortable underneath my Tom Hardy mug. Inside a tiny brown Boxcitement envelope was a handmade necklace with laser-cut wooden wings on a silver chain. While not my taste, this was a perfect example how you can gift a lot of these products on, as this was given to a friend of mine and she loved it! 

Each box is letterbox-friendly which is good news for us fellow apartment occupants! And the box comes themed every month too, this month was themed 'Lift Off', hence the spaceship, balloons and wings. I love how this service is all about the gift of giving, with the option to keep some treats for yourself deserve it! This is also incredibly practical for those who have a busy schedule and always struggle to buy gifts and wrapping supplies in time for celebrations. You can either subscribe or buy a one-off box to sample before committing. Boxcitement have an incredible online community that boasts ongoing design, craft-led content and competitions so make sure you check them out on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Aww thanks for your fab review and we love the fact that you 'get' our re-gifting principle - we like to say that everything in our boxes is useful as well as lovely! We're busy creating new themes for 2016 - watch this space! Pierre,

  2. Aww thanks for your fab review - and we love the fact that you 'get' our re-gifting principle. We like to say that everything in our boxes is useful as well as lovely!


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