Carnivore Club | Cured Meats Box Review

2 July 2015

I'm no Heston Blumenthal - Gastronomy is not my forte. But I will say this, I am a huge fan of anything remotely edible and have a palette only a black hole can rival; I thank my father for this. I was sent a box to review by Carnivore Club which is a cured meats subscription service. Carnivore Club will send a box to you every month, filled with a selection of meats from a particular supplier. 

The box comes in a very sturdy and impressive faux-wood shallow box and comes with card leaflets to explain the meats included inside and information about the month's supplier. This month, the supplier was Great Glen. In this month's box, I received a selection of Venison salami, bresaola and chorizo in 5 different variations; Venison and Pork Salami, Venison Salami, Venison Bresaola, Chilli Venison Chorizo and Venison and Pork Chorizo.

Since all of the meats were a variety of venison, initially - I did think this was a bit of a con. But then I realised that the way the meats were cut and the variance of flavours, meant that there were endless combinations and dishes to be made from these. For a month's supply of cured meats that have a great shelf life, I found that these lasted me a very long time. I made sandwiches from the salami, omelettes from the bresaola, egg and avocado toasties for breakfast and sides and snacks from the chorizo (think eating Peperami while watching Game of Thrones). The possibilities really were endless. The omelette that I made was actually created one morning when I had almost no food left in my apartment. I looked in the fridge and literally made the omelette from whatever I had left in my culinary graveyard of a refrigerator. 

In conclusion, I think this is perfect for those looking to discover more about food, as it really does inspire you to think on your feet in terms of making a dish from a few selected meats. I also think this is ideal for those who are always out and about, in and out of home who are looking for quick and easy snacks. Food should be fun, inspiring and enjoyable so it's always important to take care of what you put inside your body, for you are only given the one.

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