Make Me Feel Good Box Review

2 June 2015

The lovely creator of Make Me Feel Good reached out to me recently to try their letterbox-friendly subscription box, serviced by Premurosa and comes in the most elegant what I can only describe as Cadbury's purple, packaged box.

The Make Me Feel Good box sends you a handful of items packed neatly into this little box that is designed to give you a little pick me up. Something I had been in dire need of lately. Inside came four items that had been laced with clear and purple crystals.

I received a set of koi carp bath fizzers, handmade soap, chocolate and two packs of incense sticks of different scents. The bath fizzers were immediately unopened, they floated on the surface of the bath water just as if they were real fish - something incredibly soothing to watch. The soap I was quite apprehensive about. I find a lot of soaps like this leave a drying residue, making my skin feel rubbery. This was definitely not the case with this soap and it is lasting me a long while. The chocolates are sent with every themed box and are a lovely little addition to the box. I  absolutely loved the two packs of incense sticks that came in this box. I'm a huge lover and practiser of yoga and this just warmed and calmed me as soon as I lit them. Needless to say, a lot of them have been used already.

This box is £20 a month but Jo at Make Me Feel Good has kindly offered my readers £7.95 off your first box if you type in the code 'MMFGSCIENCE' at the checkout. 

I love how this box leaves no clutter in my home. I am beginning a journey of minimalism and I loved the fact that everything in this box will eventually be enjoyed, used up and recycled. Perfect for any minimalist out there. I should have known this was going to be a great box because it was hand delivered to me by a woman I did not know, who told me after reading the name of my blog on the package - that I make a lot of people happy. We all have moments of doubt and moments of self-depreciation, but when a grey cloud covers you as far as the eye can see, sometimes all you need is for a stranger to remind you just how brilliant and beautiful you are. 

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