Valentine's Day Daring Box Review

31 May 2015

I was approached quite some time ago to review a rather personal type of subscription box, back in February - just in time for Valentine's Day. Daring Box is described as "The French erotic couple box" and is sent on a bi-monthly basis to customers who wish to infuse a little more passion and excitement into their bedrooms. This little black box came with a black drawstring dustbag with five items inside which included a candle, a couple's lollipop, an erotic challenges coupon book, silk handcuffs and a red satin gift bow bandeau/halter. It also came with cards with a run down on all the products, tips and also a music playlist.

Firstly, I noticed the item that was weighing down the box the most was actually an amber candle by Maison Close. This itself retails for £19 and I can see why. It comes in a black and gold Art Deco themed box and jar and smells like no other candle I have scented. The wick is perfect and it burns very easily and evenly. As this is a massage candle, the front of the jar is tipped so you can poor out the wax for massaging.

Next we have a set of black satin handcuffs with velvet embossing. These came in a very similar looking box, easily mistaken for a pack of cards. With instructions on the side, these are a great little addition to the box. They are long black satin pieces of fabric with black velvet text embossing and have "button-holes" at the tip so you can thread one end through the other. These may seem like nothing but the ends have been very carefully over-locked on a sewing machine, a sign of good needlework. These retail for about £8.

Some lovely little extras included an Erotic Challenges coupon book which is printed in several different languages and a couple's lollipop. The largest item in the box seemed to be a rolled up piece of fabric by Happy Lola. When I opened this up however, it turned out to be a red satin bow bandeau/halterneck. The first thing you notice about this is the quality. It's almost as weighty as the candle. The fabric is not cheap and thin, but opaque and what I can only assume to have a high thread gauge. The bow only comes in one size but is adjustable by the ribbon tails. If you pull on these, the bandeau bow gets tighter. The halterneck can either be worn, removed or tucked in. The bow retails for £16. 

I'm hugely impressed by this box and it's by far one of the highest quality boxes I have ever received, with the Happy Lola bow and Maison Close candle being my favourite items. I calculated this box to be worth about £50 which isn't bad for a box that is £39. I also love the fact that this comes every two months, because for the contents, it would take around 2 months to try the items anyway. This makes the box roughly £19.50 a month and even cheaper if you subscribe for the year. 

Daring Box is an exciting concept that bring couples closer together. Something I think is hugely essential, if not vital in relationships. In a world that fixates heavily on body image, I think it's important that an individual learns to accept and love their own body, and love other's in return.

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