March Flowbox Review

6 April 2014

Flowbox kindly contacted me not too long ago to try one of their lovely healthy and eco-friendly boxes for the month of March. Their service offers healthy snacks, organic products and eco-friendly products for you to enjoy; from food, to beauty, to homeware. 

The Colibri Lavender Wool Protector is a fantastic addition to my lingerie drawer. This sachet protects wool, silk and other fine fabrics from moths. It is made from botanical oils that are naturally found in plants that safeguard from the attack of insects.

This Flapjack from Seed Stacked was perfect to bring into work. Usually at about half 2, I have an afternoon snack at my desk and I'm always looking to try new things, especially for extra energy. However, this flapjack was slightly disappointing. The seeds and nuts weren't held together well at all and crumbles easily back to seed form. This makes for a difficult snack-time! However, I found though that crumbling it in its package then doing "shots" of flapjack seeds did the trick - but I wont be repurchasing this in the future sadly!

These coasters were the first thing to catch my eye when I opened up my Flowbox. Their wonderful bright colours really appealed to me and made me curious to find out what they were. These coasters are made from recycled food packaging by women in Nepal to earn an income from and will definitely be coming with me when I move out.

This couldn't have come at a better time, I had been meaning to try out elderflower for the longest time possible and I got to try it in iced tea form which is a great love of mine. This drink was refreshing and was really convenient to have at work in screw-top carton form. It tastes great, it's refreshing and is much better than drinking a can of Coke. Better yet, there are no added chemicals!

Sadly, while the Tropical Wholefoods Organic Dried Pineapple tasted great and came in this great big bag - for some reason, they did not agree with my stomach. This was not only the case for myself but others who had tried it. 

I'm always up for trying out the next best facial wipe. I'm an avid user of facial wipes, especially to remove make-up and have yet to find anything that beats my good ol' Simple facial wipes. This sadly is no contender as I found it quite difficult to remove my make-up, especially eye make-up and it ended up just pushing the make-up around my face rather than remove it. However, these wipes smell DIVINE. They smell exactly like Refreshers sweets.

This honey was what really gave the box its weight. Luxurious thick honey, presented in a lush glass jar - definitely up my street. This honey you can definitely tell is organic as it has that really earthy taste to it. This is great to have with breakfast and even with fruit. Delicious!

Much like the elderflower, I had also been meaning to try chai lattes. I would always hear Cali YouTubers going on about how great Chai Lattes were but had never had the opportunity to try one. Presented in a nice tall canister, I had no more excuses not the try it and boy is it amazing. It smells and tastes just like the gingerbread lattes from Starbucks and this lovely little can has now taken pride of place on my desk at work. 

All in all, a great eco-friendly and healthy alternative from Flowbox. Everything I received was full sized and a pleasure to try out. Flowbox is usually £21.95 a month but you can get 40% off your first box with the code TSOHFLOW.

Please never forget the endless work people do to encourage fair trade and the fair treatment of workers all over the world. Stamp out exploitation and help make the world a better place.

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  1. WOW! What a lovely healthy and eco-friendly boxes yo have there! i want one too! haha


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