DIY Personalised Embroidery T-Shirt

You may have noticed by now that I like to DIY my own versions of existing designs. While I understand why pricing is the way it is in the retail industry, I also feel as though this fast-fashion culture we've come accustomed to leads to a higher level of waste. Today's DIY is inspired by Maison Labiche's embroidered t-shirt which would set you back £60. The idea behind it is to wear something you love, close to your heart.

Step 1: Decide on your desired personalisation and prepare a couple font sketches on graph or lined paper with a pencil. I'm a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn, I love her style and her incredible humanitarianism. So, I have chosen to embroider her name onto the t-shirt. 

Step 2 (optional) : Outline your desired font in a black marker pen.

Step 3: If you're confident enough, very lightly sketch onto your t-shirt your desired motif with a Biro or an invisible pen. I put the paper underneath the t-shirt and used a DIY light box I had already made, to shine a light through and traced the motif on top. A great dupe for the Maison Labiche t-shirts are the 'Boyfriend Tees' by Primark and only cost £3.50.

Step 4 (optional): Tighten an embroidery hoop around the lightly sketched motif making sure the fabric is taught but not stretched.

Step 5: Thread a needle and start sewing short back stitches. Back stitching requires you to go back on the previous stitch to finish it. Finish each thread by triple-knotting the ends. Be sure to sew loosely to allow for stretch.


This is a fantastic way to spruce up old t-shirts that would've otherwise been thrown into a rubbish tip. Not only are you saving the planet from environmental damage, but you're developing new or existing skills and creating brand new garments to add to your collection. These would make great gifts and are easy to duplicate. I plan on making a couple more in different colourways. Check out Oxfam's online shop for some plain t-shirts to customise and make your own.