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12 May 2013

I found this image on Pinterest and I had to have it. I'm trying to exercise more and felt this image satisfied both my visual needs and my physical motivational needs. My service provider is Vodafone and while they offer fantastic rewards and are currently sponsoring my Formula 1 team, Vodafone has atrocious reception and were also responsible for a cross-conversational signal issue earlier this year where customers such as myself would hear occasional snippets of other phone conversations. I have an iPhone 5 which I have a love/hate relationship with since it has such poor battery life and is as tough and durable as fine china.

The first page of apps is dedicated to my essential and most used apps. I hate to be caught out in inappropriate weather attire as I'm susceptible to the cold, so I always check the weather before I choose my outfit. AccuWeather is the best weather app I've found so far as it offers in-depth analyses, hour-by-hour forecasts and RealFeel technology which gives a more realistic representation of the temperature outside. Cozi is a fantastic app for the organised and/or the forgetful. It is a online desktop system and iPhone app that allows for the smooth running of a household. It includes features like meal plans, to do lists, shopping lists and much more. I find it incredibly useful for keeping on top of to-do lists on the go. For those like myself who used iGoogle and was devastated by its untimely demise, this is a fantastic alternative and far superior.

Customisable to your interests, Flipboard is fantastic for keeping up-to-date with political and social news. It works just like a flip board and for that, it's very efficient and doesn't consume as much time as say, reading BBC news articles. Vine shares 6 second videos that give an insight into what you're doing. Sort of like Twitter and Instagram but more animated and less vain (which is why I deleted Instagram). The great thing is that you can use stop motion animation to show 6 seconds worth of video that actually tells a longer story. I find this much more enriching than seeing a sea of low-quality front camera duckface photos on Instagram in Daguerreotype.

Recent favourite is an app called Happier. From October onwards, my thinking began to change for the better, for the first time in my life and I learnt to appreciate the smaller things in life.You submit and view things that make yourself and others happy and learn to appreciate life for what it is. Shazam locates real-time song details and is very handy when you're out and about. However, you have to bear in mind that if you have Shazam and Facebook linked, anything you "tag" appears on Facebook and you run the risk of showing everyone that you've just enjoyed and Shazammed JLS.

As you can see, I have not yet brought myself to remove Mailbox from my dock bar. It's not a great app and I would advise against downloading it. Read my review here.

My second page is organised into categorised folders with the relevant apps located within. In my Utilities folder is an app called i.Decide which is useful for the incredibly indecisive. Device Locator is an app I found after hearing a news story about how a thief stole an iPhone unaware that an app installed on the phone, was a mask for a camera activator that when operated by the original owner, secretly takes photos of the person in possession of the phone. The actual app used in this story is not Device Locator but is similar. Check Mate OCR is a bill splitter that offers a way to split a bill appropriately rather than equally (as I don't particularly think this is fair on those who choose cheaper meals).

My Reference folder holds an app called iDream for fun dream interpretations. Postie offers up-to-date and accurate postage quotes on packages. Based on previous experiences, RunPee suggests the best times to literally run and pee during a cinema movie. BandsInTown automatically updates you with new local music events so you don't miss out.

My Lifestyle category includes Gift Genies which suggests gifts for friends and family. Their gifts can be pricey so it's best to use this as gift inspiration, then do a little shopping around for a better deal. 2DoBefore is a customisable bucket list in app form. WhereToGet.It is not an app but a bookmark. Users submit fashion and beauty wants and others will suggest where to obtain similar or exact items. Trip Planner Pro is powered by Trip Advisor and is a travel and itinerary app.

I don't tend to play many games on my phone but in my Games folder, I have Tap Tap Revenge 4 which is a game along the same lines as Guitar Hero. I love(d) this game but refuse to play anymore as Tapulous lost my Level 37 account and reset it. I also have Draw Something which everyone knows is a drawing game and 20 Questions Mindreader which is great to play with kids.

In my Audio folder, I have The Radio which is a mobile radio app. I also have Songify which mashes up voice recordings to pre-recorded melodies. Sleep Talk Recorder is an app for those who talk in their sleep like myself. It's great for picking up hilarious and nonsensical recordings. Instead of Spotify, I have Grooveshark. Again, this is not an official app but a bookmark. Some tracks are self-uploaded and less professional but Grooveshark always offer the most current songs, while I find Spotify only publishes tracks after they've been officially released.

My Visual folder contains an amalgamation of photo effect apps; Photo Wonder is great for its sharpening tool, Picfx is great for bokeh effects, Color Cap is great for adding text to images and Color Effects is good for adding colour to grayscale images. FiLMiC Pro is an incredibly technical and complicating video recorder which I have not yet mastered. PhotoBlab is an app created by Tom Kirk, visual manager of Muse and is an app that combines slideshows with audio.

In my Office folder, I have Employment Law Cloud which outlines employment laws. I have this in case of exploitation or unfair treatment. As a Regus Businessworld gold card holder, this app allows me to book meeting rooms, offices and business lounges from my phone. Genius Scan uses the camera to scan and send documents in high-quality pdf formats and is more professional than just taking a photo. MyPrice is incredibly useful for blogging, it helps me work out what I should be charging for my work.

My Navigation folder contains Hailo, a taxi hailing cab mainly used for travel around London. While there are many petrol station locator apps, I find that MyGas is the most reliable. AA Parking locates nearby car parks and gives information on prices and times. Journey Pro is one of my all time favourite apps as it makes public transport in London extremely easy. I use this for the Underground in London. However, you have to prepare the app before you head underground as you lose reception and wont be able to refresh data. Airport + Live Flight Tracker gives details of individual airports; flights, shops, hotels, car hires etc. Plane seats are reviewed on SeatGuru and from this, you can work out which seats are best suited to your needs. You may require a bassinet for your baby or want to be located near the toilets. Another bookmark, Journey Price helps you calculate the cost of a motoring trip and will also help split the costs between passengers.

In my Food folder, I have BigOven; a food app with user-submitted recipes. The app is great for encouraging healthy dieting and also offers recipe suggestions for left over food. HungryHouse as you may all know is a takeaway app that lets you order from a variety of nearby takeaways.

In terms of my Health folder, I have WebMD which is an app that helps clarify medical conditions. I also have Map My Run which is a fitness app known for its multi-functionality and the British Red Cross First Aid app in case of emergencies. Livestrong's My Plate app is great for tracking calories and meals. It also has an active community and weight monitoring. As I suffer from depression, I have Depression Calculator for quick and easy evaluations. I've seen more in-depth apps but I think it's important not to let apps (which are just guides) overwhelm you with information that could be inaccurate. I use this app to determine whether I need to visit my GP, not directly effect the treatments I undertake.

Some apps in my Home folder include Box It Up which is a handy app for moving home and Basket Buddy by Hot UK Deals, which locates the best supermarket offers local to you, helping you make the most out of your grocery shop. AirBnb is a fantastic app which allows for the safe booking of overnight rooms. These rooms are more affordable than hotels, safer than couch-surfing and are often more luxurious. AirBnb is especially great for last minute bookings when all other hotel rooms are fully booked or have had their prices massively inflated.

I hope you've enjoyed my iPhone app overview, if you would like to suggest some apps, just leave a comment below and I'll be sure to check them out. If you try any of the apps above, let me know how you get on with them.

Q: What are your top 3 apps and why?


  1. Oh god , I am so excited to see your iphone's background image . Truly motivative ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. Well...I haven't ran for a while. But done a lot of drooling.


    Top 3 Apps have to be Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter!

    By the way if you ever stop by my blog , do say hi and let me know how it's going :)
    Kerry | Kerralina x

    1. Haha, oh my gosling! That's amazing!

  3. wow some great apps you got

    my faves are instagram, bloglovin and facebook


    Inspirations Have I None

    ps. I'm having a giveaway on my blog

  4. That's interesting to see what's inside people's phones, bags, heads))) Love it!

    Take a lokk what's inside my head, and bag, and ipad...) http://www.dariaburkova.com/


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