DIY Pretty Ballerinas 'I Love You' Shoe Clips

I've been eyeing up these shoes for years and years now with the full intention of recreating them in a DIY of my own. Four years later (I've been busy), I've finally made it happen but with a twist. Instead of making the shoes, I made the hearts as clips which can then be used on shoes, clothing and/or hair. It only cost me £2.50 in total to make as I only needed to buy the leather. All other instruments and materials, I already had at home. This particular design is just one of many from the Rosario range by Pretty Ballerinas and will set you back a hefty £160.

Step 1: Prepare your leather by de-constructing all the pieces then laying them flat. For this, I am using a seam ripper. Skip this step if you already have a flat piece of material.

Step 2: Using a heart stencil or cookie cutter, draw four hearts on the side of the material you don't want showing. For me, that is the felt side. You can use a normal pen, dressmakers chalk or an invisible pen.

Step 3: Using a pair of fabric scissors or a pair of very sharp household scissors, cut out the four hearts as neatly as you can. It is best to do this in long cuts rather than short snips.

Step 4: Trim any errors and fix any mistakes, then work out which two are the neatest hearts; these will be the top facing hearts. Place some fabric glue in the centre of the heart on the inner side, then spread the glue with a spatula all the way to the edge. Align and glue the sides together with the neatest hearts staying on top. You may also want to glue the around the edge if any sides are felt, this will keep the flyaway fibres down and professional-looking.

Step 5: Using a pencil, very lightly sketch 'I' and 'you' in the font of your desire. 

Step 6: Using a very fine paint brush and black acrylic paint, paint in your sketch. You can use toothpicks to add finer detail and to remove any mistakes, however for this - you must wait until paint is dry to scratch off any paint.

Step 7: Using some sandpaper or a nail file, sand down the surface of the crocodile clips.

Step 8: Align your clips to the backs of your hearts. You want to position them so that the clip does not show at the top. If it shows at the bottom, you can use some pliers to break off the bottom. You only need to break off the visible part (the forward facing part of the clip). The longer the clip at the back, the more secure it will be.

Step 9: Using superglue, adhere the crocodile clips to the hearts making sure they are straight.

You're now complete! You can slip these onto shoes with a low vamp (the ones that show toe cleavage!) for maximum comfort. It can also be used as a hair accessory or fashion accessory. You can switch from I and You to You and I, or you could just wear 'you' alone clipped onto your pocket, lapel or better yet, wear your heart on your sleeve...literally!

Overall, the project cost me just £2.50. You may want to search different places for red leather type materials as I found it incredibly difficult to find, I went to many craft shops including Hobbycraft and no-one had anything remotely like it. I purchased the material in the form of a purse I found for in a charity shop so it may be worth it to take a look in your local Oxfam. In total, I saved £157.50. You could even skip out the clip part entirely and stick the hearts directly onto old ballerina flats.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, I would love to see your photos if you decide to replicate this DIY. If you want to see more DIYs, follow me via GFC and/or Bloglovin and check out my Oxfam Blogger Page.