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12 April 2013

Much to my joy/dismay (my mood will oscillate throughout the day), today celebrates the final year of being able to fall into the 18 - 24 age bracket. While I panic about my lack of achievements, you'll be glad to hear that a by-product of this comeuppance is a giveaway with a twist. In total, there are three prizes to be won, but only two prizes are immediately available to win with the third (and admittedly, the most desirable) being released after a whopping 1000 entries, so get tweeting! The giveaway will run for 24 days, a day for each year :)

March Birchbox: Great if you're considering subscribing to a sample box, changing existing boxes or just want an opportunity to try out more luxury samples. If you already have the March Birchbox, you may discover products that weren't included in your particular box.

The Science of Happy Sample Box:  I have compiled an one-off exclusive The Science of Happy sample box containing an array of products for you to enjoy including sachet samples and a few full size products.


Prize Release
MAC Guilty Passions Warm Crushed Metallic Pigments: From one of the more recent collections, this is a brand new limited edition MAC Guilty Passions pigment set containing Silky Stocking, Darling Coquette, Ever Elegant and Rose Light, beautifully packaged in a circular mint and black chevron-patterened box and decorated with an adorable black acrylic bow.

This is an international giveaway.
Giveaway ends on the 6th May 2013.
I am not responsible for any damages caused in transit but will do my utmost to ensure the protection of prizes.
I am not responsible for any additional charges incurred (customs charge etc) so be sure to double-check your country can receive these prizes.
All prizes are sent via UK Recorded Delivery or Airmail.
All winners will be notified within 24 hours from the end of the giveaway.
Any winners who fail to reply with an address after a week will lose the prize and it will be awarded to someone else.
Etc etc...
This is boring.
Mario was actually a carpenter before he became a plumber!


  1. I came here from Blogger Birthdays to wish you a Happy Birthday! And I see a lovely giveaway :) how nice. Hope your day is great.

    Imagine Lace
    Ash :)

    1. Thanks Ashley, that's very sweet of you to head on over to wish my a happy birthday :)

  2. Hope you have had a good birthday. I never thought about the 18-24 age bracket. I turn 24 in November, hate getting old :( xxx

  3. Happy birthday my friend across the sea! Hope you're well and thanks for an awesome giveaway xx

  4. I've entered! Thanks for this lovely giveaway - great blog too, and hope you had a very happy birthday! I'm sure you've achieved a lot more than you give yourself credit for!

    Have a lovely day :-)

    Emily x

  5. I am currently waiting for my first box to arrive, so will skip the giveaway to give others a chance to win something lovely. In my turn I'd like to invite you to take part in my giveaway, if you like the prize, of course. :)


    1. You can still enter as you'll be in the chance of winning the other prizes like the MAC :)

  6. Last contest I entered never sent the prize, so I'm hoping things work out better this time

  7. Last contest I won never sent the prize, so I'm hoping things work out better this time.

    1. I won Zaggorra hot pants but they never sent it to me! I also once won something from a popular blogger (not naming and shaming) and she never sent that to me either! Some of these PR ploys are just lies :(

    2. My prize from the last giveaway I won never came too :( It's a shame because the prize was suppose to be revlon lip butter and a surprise. Now I'll never now what was there.

    3. Seems like a common occurrence! I wasn't aware so many of us were being scammed by these bloggers/companies. It's not right at all :( That popular blogger I mentioned, I'd caught her out for buying and selling fake MAC which we all know is dangerous. So she didn't send my prize!

    4. I also won a nail polish but i never received it too :( I don't know whether she sent it and it got lost in the mail or was it all a lie .

  8. Hello, nice give away! I'm new blogger looking for more gfc :). Followed ya :)
    Would be nice if you'd follow me back thanks :)

  9. Weel I hope be lucky this time!
    Your blog is gorgeus sweetie!

  10. prize arrived, thanks is beautiful


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