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Guilty Passions [Giveaway Sneak Peak]

Amongst talks of a Stateside trip later on in the year, I have mainly been bargain hunting with friends and exercising. Now I'm no fitness freak, I'm far from it but after 23 years of gorging on anything that looked remotely edible, I decided that by taking advantage of my high metabolism, I was also programming into my brain a diet that would turn around and bite me on the ass later on in life. In terms of bargain hunting, I visited a nearby charity shop on a whim and picked up a brand new scarf, brand new heels, a top and a DVD that I'd been looking for, for £11.50!


Since it's my birthday on Friday, I've decided to hold another giveaway for my followers to say thank you. While there are no booby prizes this time around, a bonus prize will be released after a certain number of entries has been reached. Overall, there are three prizes to be won. Luckily, I have the day off on my birthday so the giveaway will be gracing your blog feed on the 12th April. And since I'm a tease, here is a sneak peak of Friday's birthday giveaway...


  1. Happy birthday in advance! :)

  2. Beautiful Blog!
    Check out my blog?

  3. omg those heeeels are stunning!!

  4. Happy birthday for tomorrow! Quite a bargain for £11.50, you did well there :)

  5. Happy birthday in advance!
    Lovely shoes, the color is amazing.


  6. Happy Birthday hun! :) These heel are fab!