What's In Kamila's Bag?

10 March 2013

Today, we see the first of the What's In Your Bag submissions of which will be an on-going feature on my blog. The feature showcases must-haves, essentials and favourites inside various bags from gym bags to handbags, from people of all walks of life.

Today we're meeting the lovely Kamila of Modesuchtig which is a personal style blog of two sisters; Kamila and Marlena. Kamila is 21 and is a Design and Fashion Management student and is currently using the Zara Citybag which is inspired by the infamous Prada Saffiano.

From left to right: Wallet from Sacha | Clarins Hand Cream | Tangle Teezer | Clarins Eye Cream | Chewing Gum | Rexona Deodorant | iPhone 5 | Indie Magazine | Women's Health Magazine | Moleskin Notebook | Vaseline | Travalo filled with Chloe Perfume | Chanel Lipstick in No 56 | Burt's Bees Lip Balm | Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss | Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub | H&M Sunglasses | Bobble Bottle

Kamila says that the Bobble Bottle is amazing because it makes all tap water, nice. Kamila would also recommend carrying Vaseline, investing in a Travalo which is a mini perfume spray bottle, Clarins hand cream and eye cream and Chanel lipsticks as they're a mix between lipsticks and lip glosses.

I for one am dying to try out Chanel lipsticks and looking to invest in the Bobble Bottle soon. I've already been into H&M to hunt down the sunnies (to no avail) and I know all to well how sticky the Lancome Juicy Tubes are, they're super glossy and smell divine but will turn your lips into glue and will stick to anything and everything. I would love for you to visit her and her sisters blog and would encourage you to take a look at her Instagram (@KamilaMoroz) if you have the time.

If you'd like to enter a What's In Your Bag submission, please visit the link in the sidebar.


  1. I've always been curious about Lush lip scrubs a lot of people have said they are really good but I don't know which one to buy! Lush products seem to be popular so I'm guessing they must be good. I've also been seeing Burt Bee's products about a lot lately so I may just have to look into getting one of their lip balms as well and giving it a try! thanks for reminding me x

    1. I know, I've been meaning to too but apparently they're expensive. I've seen some homemade ones on Pinterest so will make them instead!

  2. Looks great!! :) Where did you buy the water bottle seen it before and have only heard good things of it! :)


    1. Think you can buy the bottle on Amazon :)


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