DIY Peek-A-Boo Pocket Shorts

When I saw these amazing Bad Habit cut-out shorts with skull studs, I fell in love. But I knew I wasn't going to pay $35 + shipping for them when I could easily make them at home. Overall the project cost me nothing as I already had a pair of fabric scissors and I already had a pair of shorts which I received in a clothes swap.

Convert old denim jeans or shorts into super trendy peek-a-boo pocket shorts in just 10 minutes. All you need is a pair of old shorts (or snip off the legs off some old jeans) and a pair of sharp fabric scissors or denim scissors. Sew-free, glue-free, ease-y...

Step 1: Turn your shorts inside out.

Step 2: Decide which pocket is the least practical. I chose the pocket-ception pocket (the one with the pocket inside a pocket which by the way was created for men to hold condoms!)

Step 3: Snip at points #1 and #2 cutting both layers of the pocket. Separate the layers, slide your scissors into the opening, then cut the top layer along the lines avoiding the studs. Make sure you stay a couple millimetres away from the seam so you don't accidentally cut the seam.

Step 4: Fold the pocket over and cut the bottom layer along the line.

Step 5: Turn your shorts back the right way.

And you're finished!

These shorts were vintage Levi jeans that were cut into shorts. They're ideal for this project as they're light-wash which is fantastic for enhancing a tan and high-wasted which makes the ensemble look more tasteful. These shorts are a must-have for this summer and ideal for sunny holidays abroad. I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. Be on the look out for more DIY posts as I am now officially an Oxfam Fashion Blogger, specialising in fashion DIY!