Is there a real diamond ring in your candle?

21 January 2013

Diamond Candles is a US brand specialising in innovative candles of a high quality that have unique scents. However, their main USP is that each candle comes with a carefully wrapped ring worth either $10, $100, $1,000 or $5,000. 

The story began when a young man named David, went to buy an anniversary gift for his wife, Brenda. He found a beautiful ring for her and went to find a gift bag to carry the ring. When he couldn't find a gift bag, he opted to buy a candle instead as he knew his wife loved them. Upon leaving the store, he looked down at the ring and the candle and an idea was born.

One of life's privileges is having the ability to purchase luxuries like candles with our own hard-earned money. Sadly and much to many people's surprise, it has been proven by scientists that some scented candles produce smoke laced with almost as many toxins as cigarettes and is likely increase asthma, eczema and skin problems, especially in poorly ventilated rooms which the majority of candles are in, as they are usually lit in the evening when the windows are closed. However, the good news is that beeswax and soy candles don't produce these harmful toxins. The candles that do are cheap candles made from paraffin wax which is a by-product of the petroleum industry. Therefore each paraffin wax candle you buy supports oil giants and in turn is harming your body. Sadly, these immoral companies choose to use low quality ingredients in order to pocket a higher profit.

Not only are the eco-friendly Diamond Candles made from natural soy but their wicks are made from cotton. Now, there are many candle manufacturers that claim their candles are all natural but a lot of these companies then coat their wicks in the very paraffin wax that is used by these low cost, high profit giants that endangers your health. Diamond Candles coats their wicks in soy wax and promises to use only the highest of ingredients. This is reflected in their price but is considered almost irrelevant if you value your health more than your bank balance. The candles from Diamond Candles are a product of the Earth, and once burned - the ingredients that have entered the air return to the ground through precipitation. Diamond Candles support American farmers by making their soy wax from soy beans produced locally in the US.

Eco-friendliness aside, Diamond Candles produce some of the most unique scents I've ever come across. They make scents such as Fresh Cut Grass, Mistletoe and Pecan Pie. The candle I purchased was the Cinnamon Pinecone scent and I can't describe the aroma any better. At first I wasn't too keen, probably because I'd never smelt such a thing but now I'm very much in love. It is a sweet woody fragrance, with the pinecone being the base note and the cinnamon being the top note. I purchased it to coincide with winter, it has proven to be a match made in heaven and very reminiscent to a winter cabin. Diamond Candles also produce a candle called Cozy Cabin, which I hear is more of a vanilla scent than cinnamon. I am not sure if this is limited to this particular candle scent or if I have a faulty candle but the candle deposits wax down the side of the glass, other than that - it burns very evenly.

The added excitement of this candle is the fact that each and every candle comes with a ring, not just any ring but a ring worth either $10, $100, $1,000 or $5,000. There haven't been a substantial amount of $5,000 rings but there definitely has been some. For $100+ rings, check out Diamond Candles' Pinterest album here. The interesting thing is that although some rings may not be stamped, it might still be worth it to get it valued as the stones may be real. The ring I got has not been appraised but as I discovered on the Diamond Candles Facebook page, it is unlikely to be more than $10. Sadly, I don't wear silver but it's a stunning ring with the purple stone appearing violet in the daytime and a pale lavender under indoor lighting. 

However, there is a mighty drawback. Diamond Candles only ship within the US. If you're lucky, you'll be able to find one of these candles on eBay from an American seller who is willing to ship the candle to you from the States. The problem with this is that you will not be covered for any damages to the candle, any faults or problems with the ring by Diamond Candles themselves and you may be charged a Customs Fee to receive the candle as the seller will have stated its value when shipping. Although you can request for the seller to state the value of the candle as much lower, the seller is unlikely to do this because then they will not be covered by the postal service they use if a problem does arrise. Unfortunately, I had to pay the extra Customs Fee which I was not too happy about, but I'm glad I finally got to try out one of these infamous candles after pining for one for a about a year. Although an addictive affair, I will not be purchasing these too frequently due to the cost. They cost $24.95 which is currently a reasonable £15.74 but expect to pay up to the equivalent to £40 for one from eBay including the p+p and Customs Fee charge. These would make great gifts and treats for special occasions. The next time I purchase a candle, I will choose an all natural candle such as this so I don't risk damaging my health. I would love to buy more Diamond Candles in the future and when I do, I'll be sure to share my thoughts with you. 


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