The Bow Coat

18 December 2012

Last week, saw the mid-season finale of New Girl where Jess's choice of outerwear in the episode 'Santa' was a turquoise blue, moat collar, bow 'Suzette' coat by Kate Spade and retails for around £460. This coat reminded me a lot of the 'French Serge' bow coat featured in the Ugly Betty episode 'Bad Amanda' by J. Crew which retails for a much more affordable £220. Statement coats are a must-have, especially during the winter season as the cold often means we don't get to show off what we're wearing underneath - so take this as an opportunity to "wow" with beautiful outerwear and with winter being the season of Seasonal Affective Disorder, a pop of colour is sure to lift the mood of many, so it may actually good for people's health too.

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