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Christmas Décor

I've completely fallen in love with this year's mini Christmas tree. It's the same one as last year but instead of hanging the tinsel off my curtains, I've wrapped the tree in it and made myself a rich purple Christmas tree with foil stars. It gives the tree a lot more volume and hides the nasty white cabling that connect up the blue LED star lights.The tree is dotted with metallic gold baubles and charms I found around my room which coincidentally, are a great representation of my personal interests. I've hung my Buzz Lightyear keyring from it along with my little alien figurine, draped my vintage pearl bracelet off the side, added a Chanel pendant, a little Xbox phone charm (sent kindly from Playbox) and topped it all off with a Chanel ribbon bow. 

This is a fantastic and cheap way to add some festive décor to your room. The baubles, tree, tinsel and lights were a pound each from Poundland and the charms were found around my room. Another cheap and cheerful way to decorate a mini Christmas tree is by hanging rings and jewellery from it. Underneath the tree, are a selection of skincare items that I use when I get into bed, before I go to sleep. Because the tree stands on my bedside table, it's very convenient and is a sure-fire way to remind me to do my nightly routine.


  1. I love this tree! So unique and lovely, especially love Buzz and the little Alien xxx

    1. It's sweet isn't it? You'll have to try it too, and send me photos :D