Choosing The Right Watch

12 November 2012

I'd been dying for a Michael Kors watch ever since I first laid eyes on them last year. His glamorous yet timeless watches have quickly become a cult favourite over the past year, amongst fashion followers and the trend hungry. Luckily, my mum saw how much I desired one and agreed to buy me one as my Christmas present this year but little did I know, I'd be getting it early. We were in Manchester to visit a specialist doctor (for my poor excuse for a pair of lungs) but beforehand, we decided to meander through Selfridges in the Arndale Centre.

Visit Different Stockists
I took my mum to the Michael Kors counter in Selfridges so I could work out which watch I'd like. I'd been twice previously (once in the Trafford Centre and once in the Arndale Centre) and ended up with two business cards filled with different watch serial codes (I guess it just goes to show that all his watches are desirable). Michael Kors watches aren't cheap so I think it's important to do your research first, before making the investment. Even though I wasn't paying for this watch myself, I wanted to make sure of my decision. I didn't want my mum paying for a watch I wasn't 100% sure on. The best advice I could give is to visit as many different Michael Kors stockists as possible so you can try on and see as many different styles as possible, then get the assistant to write down the serial codes of the watches you like.

Review Online
It's worth it to review your selection of serial codes online, to remind yourself of what the watches look like. It's even worth it to check what people are saying about theirs, on review sites and blogs. However, you should never decide on which watch to buy, purely based on internet research, as what you see on screen definitely isn't the same in real life.

Colour, Style, Purpose and Fit
First decide what colour to go for, most people choose the Gold, Rose Gold or Silver. Michael Kors also do watches in a traditional leather strap, ceramic/silicone, tortoiseshell and a luscious chocolate brown. One thing to remember is to choose a watch you'll love in 5 years time after trends have come and gone.

Decide what style you're looking for (for reference, I will be using serial codes from the gold watch range); If you like classic designs, I would suggest the MK5055. If you like your watches to be encrusted in rhinestones for ultimate glamour, then the MK5720 might be for you. I'm quite a classic girl myself which lead me to choose the MK5055 initially, however - just as I was filling in the form for the watch, I changed my mind and chose the MK5556. It has a classic and traditional face with Roman numerals but the watch strap and bezel were blindingly shiny which gave a glamorous element to it. I found the MK5055, although beautifully traditional, didn't portray my personality accurately enough.

It's important to take into account the purpose of the watch. Of course, we all use watches to tell the time, but if you're using it during work days, you may want to reconsider purchasing something that may be classed as "too dressy for work". The MK5556 is traditional enough to wear to work yet not flamboyant enough to warrant a formal request from perspective bosses to remove it.

The general rule with fit depends on which watch you choose and your own personal preferences. Some people buy watches to wear more as a bracelet, others like a watch to remain firmly in place. If you're the latter, remember to make sure the watch is tight enough not to move around your wrist yet loose enough to not restrict blood flow. It's also important to remember that during Summer, your body/skin swells with the heat so you need to make sure you have enough space around your wrist to allow for this to happen. In terms of appearance, one assistant told me that the rule of thumb was that the face of a watch must not be larger than your wrist. I have pretty tiny wrists so I made the sensible option of choosing one of the mid-sized watches.

Once you've made your decision, you can decide how you will purchase your watch, either online on in store. If you purchase online, you may be entitled to money off. Currently on The Watch Shop website, you can get 30% off. However, online retailers are not usually responsible for what happens to their stock in transit so if the watch is stolen or damaged, they may not replace it. I didn't want to take the gamble so my watch was purchased in store.


The reason why I haven't covered 'price' in this guide is because the majority of Michael Kors watches tend to be in the same price bracket. Smaller watches are often only £20 cheaper. Usually when someone buys a Michael Kors watch, it's as an investment rather than costume jewellery so whichever watch you choose, you know you'll be investing a lot of money into it. When it comes to luxury brand jewellery, you literally get what you pay for - which is why it's not possible to find cheap Michael Kors or Tiffany & Co unless they're knock-offs, in which case - they are not Michael Kors or Tiffany & Co at all.

I hope this guide was helpful, if you decide to invest in a Michael Kors watch or any luxury brand jewellery - let me know what you've chosen and why you chose it. I'd love to know :)


  1. It's beautiful, Natalie! A good choice and so nice of your mum to gift you it early. I'll have had my MK watch for 3 years now this Christmas and I still love it and get compliments on it. I was young and naive(!) though and literally only bought it because another blogger bought it and I near idolised her so I had to have it. It was white at the time but because of the strap material, it picked up dirt easily and went greyish after a couple of months. Now the battery's run out and I cba taking it to get replaced so naturally I want a new one like yours haha. Not going to happen. Hope you're well (re: your lungs!) x

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