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'The Iceman' Kimi Raikkonen

Those who know me personally, know I am a big Formula 1 fan and have been since I was about 9. I've always been a big Mclaren supporter but this year has been disappointing to say the least, which is probably why Lewis Hamilton decided to leave. Anyway, the driver that stole the show today was Kimi Raikkonen. He briefly left Formula 1 in 2009 and returned to Lotus this year, who are a developing but very promising team. Kimi is known for his absence of emotion which is why he is nicknamed 'The Iceman'. He is often drunk and brutally blunt. During today's race at the Yas Marina circuit in the beautiful Abu Dhabi, Kimi's typical crabbiness came out to play, probably to make up for the 2 year absence from F1.

Throughout a race, team engineers will radio message drivers to help their race and improve performance and drivers often feedback information about their car to boost operation. It's not usual for engineers to be verbally backhanded by their drivers but of course, anything is possible with Kimi Raikkonen. His team engineers were updating him with the position of another driver and his response was simply "Just leave me alone. I know what I'm doing." Another radio message about handling the car was met with "Yes yes yes yes. I'm doing it all the time, you don't have to remind me every second." He then won the race (his first win since returning) and gave Lotus their first win since 2008. He then went on to swear on live TV but that's almost a norm for him.


Other videos of him on YouTube include him knocking over a child and falling off a yacht, drunk but my favourite has to be the one where he is informing Martin Brundle of his bowel movements at the time of a particular presentation. Most would assume this type of person to be unpleasant but his lack of basic emotion makes his name legendary in the field of Formula 1 and his vulgarity makes for good humour.