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DIY Trinket Tray

Adorned in whites and pastels, my bedroom possesses a typical fairytale colour palette. However, as people mature, tastes change - as has mine. I now long for rich mahogany, Gothic blacks and luscious biscuit-y colours. In an attempt to make the transmission and completely inspired by Fee's post from MakeUpSavvy, I decided to make a versatile trinket tray. This winter, I've been burning more candles simultaneously but currently only own one candle dish. To avoid wax spillages, I decided that I had to get more dishes but then I also faced the dilemma of my dresser looking messy. So I decided to make one tray to hold all of my candles and knick-knacks. There are many variations to creating a tray like this, some are covered in Fee's post. You can frame magazine images, wallpaper samples or personal photos. The following step-by-step guide is for a solid colour tray.

What You Will Need
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Cup of Water

Step 1
Obtain a frame of your choice, I had one lying around that wasn't to my taste and therefore wasn't being used.

Step 2
Remove the inserts of the frame (glass, cardboard bezels, etc...) and remove any hanging hooks so the frame can lay flat on a surface.

Step 3
Prepare; Lay out some newspaper and fill up a cup of water. Lie the frame and any other surfaces you wish to paint (in this case, I am painting the glass pane) flat on the newspaper.

Step 4
Paint the frame your chosen colour, making sure all nooks and crannies are painted. I also painted one side of the glass pane. Alternatively, you can cut out a piece of card to be placed behind the glass. Wait for the paint to dry.

Step 5
Once dry, check for any bald spots and Sharpie them in. Be sure to be precise and colour only the bald spot as occasionally pen colours will not match paint colours and colouring over the general area may cause an ugly mis-match. For example, black Sharpies are actually an oily purple/black colour.

Step 6
Place the glass and inserts back into the frame with the painted side facing the back of the frame as you want the glossy side of the glass to sit under your trinkets. This is in case of spillage, especially with candle wax. If you were to place the painted side under your trinkets, removing spillages or wax may remove the paint from the glass as well.

This multi purpose tray can be used to hold perfumes, trinkets, jewellery, candles, make-up and even act as a tea tray. Marvellous!