11 October 2012

First of all, hello and welcome to my new blog; The Science of Happy! I aim to write more from the heart, about the things that really matter in life. Of course, there will be superficial things...after all, I am human and sometimes it's the superficial things that bring us that little bit of joy. However, my main ambition is to provide inspiration for a more positive outlook in life and essentially bring together the science of happiness.

My aim isn't to gain as many followers as I can, or to acquire a suitcase load of free products but to merely inspire, even just one person. I've always been a cynic and I can't say it's brought me much happiness. Life is too short to spend being unhappy or angry at things that cannot be helped or have little meaning. Take tattoos for example, people often reject the idea simply because they believe that when the time comes, an elderly person with tattoos would be ugly and unsightly. We forget that the privilege of growing older is denied to so many young people, when you look at the bigger picture you realise that it really doesn't matter how you look when you're 80, we should just be thankful for what we have and for having the chance to grow older and experience things so many people in this world cannot.

Sometimes it takes the bad to see the good, that's why life is a struggle but you really can't "live life to the fullest" if you don't seize the day. The 11th of October, 2012 will never happen again. Make the 12th of October 2012 yours. We owe it to ourselves to be happy.

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