Be Kind

13 October 2012

I think one important thing to remember in life is to simply 'be kind'. I know this is a no-brainer and I know most people think they are but it's surprising how often we're not, even by mistake. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle of some kind so it's important to show kindness, either just out of politeness or to show you are thinking of someone. It's also important to do this out of sheer altruism. Hold a door open for someone, even though you're late. Buy someone a gift, even though you know you wont receive one back.

My mum is an incredible woman, she is up and doing manual work from 6am to 6pm, sometimes longer. She, along with my dad, works 364 days a year, Christmas being the only day off. She never goes out, or buys anything for herself. She simply lives to work and works to live. She mentioned the other day how she ought to buy more brushed cotton shirts because they're warm and comfortable. I knew she'd never go out to purchase one for herself because she simply doesn't have the time. So I went out to purchase her one. While doing so, I also picked up a Bodum Copenhagen mug* for my brother who had passed his driving test that day. I love Bodum products and I knew he'd appreciate such an awesome-looking mug, it sort of reminds me of the Louis Ghost chair by Phillipe Starck.

Now of course, you don't have to spend money to show kindness. There are many other acts of kindness that doesn't involve spending a penny. Actually talk back to that "crazy" woman at the bus stop who talks to everyone, for all you know, she could just be really lonely. Pick up a glove of a toddler that has been thrown out of the pram, that the mother didn't notice. A lot of the time, we notice these things and shrug them off like we can't be bothered to help or are too busy to, after all - we are living in a fast-paced environment. But when that mother gets home after spending the day shopping for Christmas presents on a credit card, which she knows she cannot afford but feels obliged and pressured to buy as well as worrying about when her ex-husband will be seeing her son over the Christmas period after he recently left her for a significantly younger bitch, I mean woman - finding out that her toddler's only pair of gloves is now also recently single, is just going to be the cherry on the cake of misery.

I'm not saying, go to Tibet and build a school for orphans...I'm just saying 'be kind'. Let people know that there are a few good people out there in this vast sea of assholes.

*The mug is about £7 on the Bodum website whereas it was only £3 in Tesco.

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  1. Interesting post. I work in Covent Garden and every week I encounter someone who is rude to me and it really makes my day harder to get on with. On the odd occasion every few weeks I'll get a customer who is a delight to talk to, we'll have a great conversation and it really does lift my mood. The small things in life get instantly boost your mood, especially in central London when the minute you step off the train you are in a human assault course dodging people who like to walk into you without saying sorry. x


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